Cloudways Review: Features, Cloudways Coupon Code

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About Cloudways

Cloudways is a platform that provides all kinds of cloud web hosting solutions. It is chosen by established businesses as well as growing organizations. Cloudways provides plenty of useful services that help us host a site very quickly.


With Cloudways, we don’t have to worry about complex commands, server configurations, and coding-related problems. It covers all these aspects and gives us a complete solution.

Cloudways Features

Below are the major features that Cloudways has to offer.

  • Enhanced security: Cloudways’ servers are protected by firewalls that block malicious traffic to reach the servers. They use methods like IP whitelisting, two-factor authentication, and SSL encryptions that keep our servers secure.
  • Seamless performance: Cloudways is well known for its unique performance. They use SSD drives which are 3 times faster than the normal ones. They also have in-built advanced caches that speed up responses.
  • Customizations available: Cloudways has negligible restrictions and it allows us to manage our servers the way we want. They provide many options for IaaS providers and block-storage so that we can choose the one we want. It offers a pay-as-you-go model which keeps us away from any contract.
  • Collaborative Workflow: Cloudways offer GIT integration, Application & Server Cloning, SSH and SFTP Access, and other services that help us meet our requirements with a smooth workflow.
  • Easy controls: Cloudways has a very user-friendly UI that helps us to control our servers and applications very easily. There are services like 1-Click Backup & Restore, 1-Click Stop App, Cron Job Manager, and many more that allow us easily manage and control our servers and applications with just one click.
  • Integration and add-on services: Cloudways provides many web services and add-ons like Cloudways Bot Channels, Cloudways API, SMTP Add-on, Application Migration Add-on, and many more that provide efficient solutions to our requirements.
  • Real-time monitoring: We get 24/7 real-time monitoring solutions and get detailed reports in 16 different metrics. The new relic integration provides reports on app performances. They also have an AI-based assistant that helps in optimizing servers and applications.
  • Great in-class support: Cloudways offers awesome support that is available round the clock. They have 24/7 live and online ticketing systems that expedite support responses.

So, these were the key highlights of Cloudways. It provides us with the appropriate tool that enables us to host a website without any hassles. If someone isn’t much aware of cloud hosting solutions then Cloudways can definitely be a great choice for him.

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