Edgewonk Review: Features, Pricing & Edgewonk Coupon Code

Are you looking for an online journal that works with multiple channels for a huge user benefit? Then Edgewonk can be the perfect destination for you. It works for all the markets and currencies that further deliver valuable insight and information. Are Looking for the Edgewonk coupon code? Check out the discounts section mentioned below.

Edgewonk also lets you create a journal on trading regularly so that you can achieve seamless trade success. Here is why this online journal is perfect for you in every manner.


Markets and currencies that Edgewonk facilitates:  

Here are the bunch of markets and currencies that Edgewonk facilitates through its online platform. Have a look.

  • Forex:  Edgewonk offers all the insights in the majors, minor, and exotic Forex pairs.
  • Stocks: Edgewonk facilitates journals with informative insights into all the stock market details from all over the globe.
  • Futures: With Edgewonk, you can get all the detailed futures contracts to know the further prospects for investments.
  • Crypto: It deals with all the cryptocurrencies which are trending and are emerging in the digital space.
  • CFD: Edgewonk also provides all the insights into the various CFD instruments that further offer in-depth insights and information exposure.

What makes Edgewonk quite beneficial?

Edgewonk works by combining a very powerful analytic in the form of a fully customizable online trading journal.

  • Edgewonk offers seamless journal access with trade analysis that you can use to snake better and targeted improvements. Edgewonk offers in-depth analytics of performance which can analyze the various trading aspects. It further helps traders to have better performance in improving their trading area. 
  • It connects better with the user through emotional analytics, written dairy, and a better and unique kind of mental trading journal. Along with its most advanced analytics features, it delivers a variety of mindset and emotional journaling features. It further helps to improve and track your mental performance so that you can keep up with your trading plans. 
  • It is fully customizable and can work with all types of traders, both long and short term. It is highly customizable that you can set up as per your own needs and goals. You can further adjust it to all international currencies and all other global financial markets. 

Features to improve your experience:

Edgewonk has multiple features which can improve your journal keeping and trading performance further and impressively. Here are the features it facilitates.

  • Scaling In & Out: With this software, you can scale in and out all of your trades with some simple clicks. 
  • Trading management:  With Edgewonk, you can seamlessly manage all your trade to improve your performance. 
  • 12 Chart Analytics: It comes with equity graph, SQN graph, holding time, R-distribution, Winrate over time, calendar, and many more that further helps you in better task optimization
  • 6 Screenshots: You can add up to 6 screenshots per trade. From its Chartbook album, you can view all trade screenshots. 
  • Future Stimulator: It shows you the future of your trading performance that can help you in better decision making. 
  • Written Journal:  You can write down all your trading plans and can further organize your notes to keep track of your emotional journals.  
  • Multiple journals: With one simple click, you can create new journals. You can further track this from your different trading accounts. 
  • All currencies: Edgewonk supports all the currencies with which traders can work to manage their trading all around the world. 
  • Fully customizable: What makes it more unique is its fully customizable functionality that further makes your job easy.

Edgewonk Coupon Code & Disocunts

Will update the Edgewonk Coupon Code very soon.

Edgewonk Pricing & Plans

Edgewonk Pricing & Plans

So, for keeping the trade-related tracks to following up journals, you need a platform that offers you seamless ease. Edgewonk is one of such all-in-one trading journal suites that you can use to add streamlined success in your trading.

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