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What is Inmatrix?

Inmatrix is a software company which gives media solutions. Being established in the year 1998, they produce easy-to-use, flexible and user-friendly media player named as ‘Zoom Player’. It is the most used product of Inmatrix. To give robust and flexible solutions, Inmatrix also tries to build more stupendous and advanced media players.

Inmatrix Coupon Code & Discounts

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Inmatrix Benifits

Speaking about the most eligible one, Zoom Player has a platform of auto-customization that gives more advantages than a normal windows media player. Inmatrix has always given top priorities to its products. So it always tries to innovate their models and create updated versions of their products and launch them.

Apart from this media player, Inmatrix also created super cool software called ‘Whitewash Wizard’. When a plasma or CRT screen is used to play videos for a long time, it can create an image or logo on the screen. The Whitewash Wizard can fix this issue. This software can easily remove the imprints and allows users to see the resistance-free screen. Well, another software of Inmatrix is also in demand nowadays. It is called ‘Zoom Commander’.

This software allows the user to produce digital signage solutions like store-front TV ads, video walls etc. and also uses the cloud synchronization technologies to spread the advertisements across innumerable internet-connected devices immediately.

Inmatrix also creates media solutions which provide skin packs that allow the user to manipulate the display of video collections. So Inmatrix is a community which provides lots of usable and beneficial media solutions, and they are hugely appreciated worldwide.

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