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Are you looking for a browser extension that turns search results for over 400 major e-commerce sites into spreadsheets of data for easy identification of online arbitrage opportunities? Then check out Oaxray.com. Are you looking for the Oaxray coupon code? Then check out the discounts section mentioned below.

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About Oaxray

Oaxray is a Google Chrome browser extension designed for online arbitrage. It enables users to analyze web retailer websites, particularly the search pages, for profitable product opportunities.

Oaxray provides valuable data such as ROI (Return on Investment), Net Profit, and Sales Rank, empowering sellers to make informed decisions. By swiftly evaluating multiple items, sellers can efficiently identify potentially lucrative products to source and resell, maximizing their profits in the e-commerce marketplace.

Features Of Oaxray

Comparision Sourcing

Comparison Sourcing allows users to source products from various stores by comparing prices and availability. With just a few clicks, sellers can view product details, prices, and direct links to multiple online retailers. This feature streamlines the sourcing process, helping users find the best deals and maximize their sourcing options across different platforms.

Powerful Filtering & Sorting Options

Oaxray offers powerful filtering and sorting options that allow users to customize costs, apply discounts, and analyze data quickly. By leveraging these features, sellers can efficiently sift through vast amounts of information, narrowing down their options and making well-informed buying decisions.

Power Sourcing

Power Sourcing empowers users to evaluate and analyze products across multiple search pages one a time. With this capability, sellers can swiftly assess numerous items for profitability, ROI, and sales rank. By efficiently scanning through multiple search results, users can identify potential lucrative products to source and resell, enhancing their success in the online arbitrage business.

Oaxray Extras

Oaxray Extras is a set of additional tools offered by Oaxray. It includes features like the CSV Loader, which allows users to import and analyze spreadsheet files easily.

The Variation Analyzer helps sellers assess product variations, while the Scouting Sheets aid in organizing and managing sourcing data effectively. These tools enhance productivity and provide valuable insights for sellers using Oaxray.

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Oaxray Pricing & Plans

  • Oaxray 1 store monthly plan costs $99/mon.
  • Oaxray 5 store monthly plan costs $39.99/mon.
  • Oaxray 10 store monthly plan costs $54.99/mon.

Oaxray Coupon Code & Discounts

Will update Oaxray Coupon Code & Discounts soon.

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