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In the era of the digital world, boosting the online presence has become a crucial step in every business venture. From choosing unique keywords to optimizing titles, businesses need a helping hand to escalate visibility and sales.

Choosing the right keywords for your products is the golden rule for catching customers’ eyes. Power Listing does just this for you. You can get access to the most popular keywords for your Amazon business. Let’s take a look at some of the features of Power Listing.

What Do You Get with Power Listing?

Here are the essential benefits offered by Power Listing to boost your online visibility.


The first thing a customer types in the search box should match the title of your product. It is your product identity that makes it unique. You can choose from five titles suiting your relevance. It will get you to reach the top ranks of search results.

Bullet Points

Arrange all the essential features of your products in bullet points. You can highlight the best features of your product. Customers can easily analyze them to make their choice. You will get 25 distinctive bullet points to optimize your product list.


Descriptions are the vital parts of your products. It helps customers know more about the product and its features. It will showcase the exclusivity of your product, helping customers make the right decision. You will also get quirky descriptions to make your listing more vibrant.

Backend Terms

Long-tail phrases and additional search terms will boost the presence of your products. It reduces competition due to its uniqueness. So, it will help your product achieve the number one spot in search results.

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Power Listing offers the following features to grow your business and make it more productive.

Title Analysis

Get more visibility in search results with title analysis. The advanced algorithm scans your product title to match it with the best possible keywords. It uses relevant keywords and reduces bulky titles. It enhances your ranking by showing your product on page one.

AI Listings

Save time with customized bulk Amazon listings. You can create new ones or update existing Amazon listings on an extensive scale. The best part is that it takes only five minutes to get five drafts. You can sort all the listings and edit them in minutes.


You get the most relevant keywords suiting your product from the millions of search terms using the Amazon algorithm. You get super fresh Amazon keywords each time that keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. You are in safe hands as they filter out restricted keywords.


You get exposure on platforms other than Amazon. Expand your business and make it international. You can utilize profitable Amazon keywords in Google and other online marketplaces like eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and Walmart.

Power Listing helps businesses focus on the crucial parts of their work. They help make your brand stand out in the world of business and grow your sales. The foremost step to getting your business started is to know your target customers. Knowing their preferences while searching online will help your Amazon business grow.

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