Provely Review: Provely Coupon Code, Pricing & Plans

Are you looking to build trust and increase conversions? Boost your conversions by adding social proof to any site using Provely. Are you looking for a Provely coupon code? Then check the discounts section below.

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Provely Coupon Code & Discounts

Claim your exclusive discount now & boost your conversions. Get up to 30% off on your next Provely subscription using the Provely coupon code. Verified discounts on Provely basic, pro, and ultimate plans. Also, avail free IO Scout free 30 days trial version.

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About Provely

Conversion boosting has become a new way to attract traffic. The tools that are available online are often daunting. But, you do not need to worry anymore, as Provely will do it for you.


How Provely Works?

You only require to invest two minutes from your daily schedule, and new signups will be detected automatically by it, to display. There is no need of technical experience. All you need to perform is two easy steps- making and designing the popup widget and encapsulate on your page or site.

There are three campaign types for you- live, rotate, and past data. The life is for the real-time visitors, rotate is for the show up over a selected period of time, and past data is for the customers that previously signed up.

You customize your widget in several ways. Inbuilt sleek popup templates are there for you, and the color scheme attracts the eyes of the visitors. You can display lead notifications from a particular country to prove your social existence to the audience. It also allows you to freely set-up the frequency, how often you want your notifications to be displayed to a customer.

Provely Pricing & Plans

There are three plans available for you- basic, pro, and ultimate. These three plans are available with a monthly and annual subscription.

Provely Monthly Plans

  • The basic plan costs $17/month
  • Pro plan costs $27/month
  • The ultimate plan costs $37/month
Provely Monthly Plans

Provely Annual Plans

  • The basic plan costs $97/month
  • The Pro plan costs $147/month
  • The ultimate plan costs $197/month
Provely Annual Plans

Provely Money-back Guarantee

Provely also provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied, they will immediately issue a full refund. Choose any of the provely plans, that fit your business.

Provely Money-back Guarantee

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