RubberHose 2 Review, Pricing & Coupon Code

Do you want to simplest way to rig and animate characters? Looking for the best animation tool? Then check out RubberHose 2. Looking for RubberHose 2 coupon code? Then check out the discount section below.

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About RubberHose 2

Rubberhose 2 is an advanced animation tool for After Effects, streamlining character rigging with intuitive controls. It simplifies complex movements, empowering animators to create fluid, dynamic, and expressive characters with ease.

Key Features of RubberHose 2

Seamless Character Creation for Animation

RubberHose 2 enables animators to easily design unique characters without any complex rigging processes. It offers a flexible system for connecting the ends of hoses, adjusting hose bends, changing bend direction, and controlling length. This results in highly customizable characters, adaptable to various animation styles and genres.

Intuitive Bend Radius Transitions and Drag Controllers

With RubberHose 2, animators can effortlessly manipulate the Bend Radius transitions, allowing for smoother and more fluid character movements. The drag controllers add further control, enabling animators to stretch hoses and refine their characters’ poses and actions.


The RUBBERRIG and RUBBERPIN features of RubberHose 2 provide an advanced rigging system that caters to a wide range of character designs. These tools allow for precise control over individual body parts, leading to more realistic and engaging animations. The Hose Styling feature offers additional customization options, including color and texture adjustments, to further enhance the appearance of characters.

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RubberHose 2 pricing and plans

RubberHose 2 costs $45.

RubberHose 2 Coupon Code & Discounts

Will update the RubberHose 2 coupons soon.

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