SellerApp Review: Features, pricing, Plans & SellerApp Promo Code

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About SellerApp

Amazon sellers need to grow their business through skillful online marketing strategies. For enhancing sales at Amazon, one can use the SellerApp.

It intends to provide a single platform that features sales, marketing, and operations data to users. It can automate ad optimization to fetch higher profitability. Automation also helps the sellers to enjoy more free time to focus on developing better quality products.

Nevertheless, it decreases the advertising expenditure while increasing the conversion rate. In other words, it optimizes marketing expenditure and generates a better return on investment. The application comes with a free trial for the users.

Also read: Jungle Scout, an all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. Jungle Scout coupon.

SellerApp Features

SellerApp comes with many features. The primary goal of the software is to provide better selling ideas to the Amazon sellers. For ensuring better sales, it fetches high-quality keywords. Users can find an automated PPC analyzer and advanced listing optimizer with SellerApp. Sales and inventory tracking will also get better with this system. Some of the major features of this app have been listed below.

  • Boost Your Sales: With SellerApp, Amazon sellers can boost their sales. It fetches unique and powerful keywords so that sellers can enhance the visibility of their products. Nevertheless, it brings all the analytics data on the PPC campaigns in one place. Based on data analytics, users can make crucial decisions.
  • Product Intelligence: Different products need different selling ideas. A campaign for promoting a product should depend on the target audience. The app helps the sellers to understand their target audience. As a result, campaigns for product marketing will get optimized.
  • Portfolio Optimization: A seller needs to optimize the portfolio. This application helps them to optimize their portfolio so that it looks more genuine and impressive to potential buyers. Overall conversion rate increases with portfolio optimization.

SellerApp comes with a good customer support department. Users facing any glitches with the tool can call customer support anytime.

SellerApp Pricing & Plans

It has three pricing packages, and the basic package starts from $99 per month.

SellerApp Amazon Sellers Monthly Plans Pricing

SellerApp Amazon Sellers Monthly Plans Pricing

SellerApp Amazon Sellers Annual Plans Pricing

SellerApp Amazon Sellers Annual Plans Pricing

SellerApp Managed Services Plan Pricing

SellerApp Managed Services Plan Pricing

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