Voomly Review: Voomly Coupon Code, Features, Pricing & Plans

Are you looking to create interactive videos for increasing engagement? Are you looking for cloud base video editing software? Then check out voomly.com. Are you looking for a Voomly coupon code? Then check the discounts section mentioned below.

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Voomly Coupon Code & Discounts

Claim your exclusive offer now. Get up to 40% off on your next Voomly subscription using the Voomly coupon code. Verified discounts on the Voomly standard and professional plan. Also, avail the 14 days Voomly trial plan.

Free Voomly Light Plan

Now grab Voomly light plan for free. These are alternative solutions for Voomly. ​5 Videos ​ ​1 Player skin & 1 border skin, 250GB cloud storage, ​5GB bandwidth, ​1 Video funnel for free.
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SAVE $15 on Voomly Monthly Plans.

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About Voomly

Voomly is an interactive video editor platform for those who want to create videos for business marketing. Today, video marketing has become essential for every seller. It can increase the conversion rate drastically. At the same time, it fetches excellent brand recognition.

If you are using Voomly, you can also get the support of Voomly Cloud. This cloud platform gives you a secure and safe platform for hosting your videos.

This video player comes with full customization features for the users. For signing up for Voomly, you do not have to pay anything. However, you need to purchase a package to use the tool.

Voomly Features

Voomly gives you 100% creative control over the features. Users can customize their video player as per their requirements. They edit the videos to make them more attractive and powerful.

  • Logo, Color and Theme: For customization of your videos, you can choose logo, colors, and themes. Adding a logo is important for enhancing the brand value of your company. It will enhance your sales.
  • Player Elements: Viewers can find many player elements. You can hide or display the player elements according to your requirements.
  • Customization for Every Video: For every new video, you can adopt unique customization styles. Hence, all your videos will appear unique as well as different.
  • Video Chapters: There are only a few video editing tools that give you the option to add video chapters. Voomly gives you the option to add chapters to your videos.

For enhancing your sales and conversion, you shall get sharing assistance from this video editor. Apart from Share Gate, you shall find Email-Gate. It helps you to capture new leads through sharing your business marketing videos via email.

Voomly Cloud features an ultra-reliable video hosting platform. Video streams without annoying buffering. Hence, viewers love to watch videos.

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Voomly Pricing & Plans

Choose the plan that fits you the most. Voomly offers monthly and annual plans. You get special discounts on annual plans. Here are the full details about plan pricing.

Voomly Monthly Plans Pricing

  • Voomly monthly plus plan cost $19/month
  • Voomly monthly cloud plan cost $49/month
  • Voomly monthly pro plan cost $79/month

Voomly Annual Plans Pricing

  • Voomly annual plus plan cost $190/year
  • Voomly annual cloud plan cost $490/year
  • Voomly annual pro plan cost $790/year

Voomly Alternative Solution Pricing

  • Voomly light plan cost $0
  • Voomly basic plan cost $9/mon

Voomly FAQ’s

What is Voomly Coupon Code?

Voomly coupon code is a small piece of code that can be used in order to get a discount on any purchase or subscription plan at voomly.com. We need to simply paste this code on the checkout page while ordering. For coupon code check out the coupons section mentioned above.

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