ConnectIQ Academy Review: ConnectIQ Academy Coupon Code, Details, Bonus, Price

Are you looking to Skyrocket your profits with an automated conversion? Looking to learn facebook ads? Looking to increase your revenue per subscriber? Looking to create automated social media campaigns? Then look down our “ConnectIQ Academy review”. Also grab ConnectIQ Academy coupon code and ConnectIQ Academy Bonus for extra benefits.

What is ConnectIQ Academy?

ConnectIQ Academy is a set of modules which makes you ace in creating and scaling in facebook ads. Wilco de Kreij Guides from end to end. Apart from these 6 modules you will also get 65 video trainings and 49 PDF (with in-depth knowledge, Checklists, examples & mindmaps), you will also get 3 months free trial access to ConnectSuite, it is worth of $391.00.

ConnectIQ Academy comes with five new cool features

  • Connect Automate.
  • Connect Explore.
  • Connect Audience.
  • Connect Retarget.
  • Connect Leads.

Connect Automate : This features has some best solutions through audience can find better solutions.

  • Unlimited Facebook Pages : With this feature you can connect to as many pages you like.
  • Create dynamic ad sets names : You can create dynamic set of names.
  • Keep it relevant : It is not a smart idea by turning post that was relevant to couple of years back.Inside Connect Automate. You have option time frame. You can choose a timeframe from this way your posts will be tracked.
  • Filter Post Types : Looking to track and promote only videos? Or only text posts? Or images? No problem guys. You can filter out only the post types that you want.
  • Set & Forget Rules: You select “If/Then” option through which we will tell Connect Audience what to look for when choosing which ads to promote.
  • Auto-Targeting : “Auto-Boost” is fully optimized feature. Using it you will get desired outcomes, whether that be conversions, sales, or engagement, by selecting a predetermined targeting for individual sets of rules.
  • Auto-Update : Connect Automate feature keeps you in loop with all e-mail update when specific rules triggered. In this way you will always know what is happening around and the surprises will be pleasant ones.
  • Full control : Everything that is happening will be under full control.

Connect Explore : ConnectExplore is best feature to uncover the most profitable facebook interests to target the audience. It works in 3 ways. Those are Discover, Filter and Target.

  • Discover : many of users are simply unavailable to the competition. So find interests to target.
  • Filter : Checkout the best interest audiences and most engaged audiences, keenly engage them with your offers.
  • Target : Apply results to specific interests for the highest possible ROI

Connect Leads : Use the connect leads and take your business completely into next level.

ConnectLeads maximizing the power of Facebook Lead Ads, with intelligent automation!

Grab the Attention of the Users Using Amazing Coupons Codes

ConnectLeads application helps all Facebook Users automatically distribute unique coupon codes to everyone who signs up to your list

ConnectLeads is natively compatible with the
following autoresponders/CRM platforms, and other apps:

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