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Are you looking to create an effective landing page? Do you need a marketing platform that supports customers at each stage of creating and managing marketing campaigns? Then check out Looking for a Landingi coupon code? Then check out the discounts section below.

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About Landingi

Landingi is a platform that helps you build landing pages. Landingi is a tool that enables you to create a landing page in seconds.

Landingi has many features, but their drag & drop interface is the most important one. You can drag and drop any element you want to include on your landing page and make it look like you designed it yourself.

The other great thing about Landingi is that it lets you add custom style sheets to your pages (just like CSS) to have a consistent look and feel across all your designs.

Features Provided by Landingi

Here are some of the best features offered in the Landingi platform. So, read on!

Drag and Drop Editor

The drag-and-drop editor feature in Landingi is a great way to create custom landing pages without having to code. This feature makes adding and editing elements on your page easy, and you can preview your changes in real time. You can also use the drag-and-drop editor to create custom conversions, which can be used to track your progress and optimize your campaigns.

Pop-Up Builder

The Pop-Up Builder feature in Landingi allows you to create and manage pop-ups for your website easily. With this feature, you can create pop-ups triggered by specific actions, such as when a user clicks on a button or link. You can also choose when the pop-up will be displayed, like after a certain amount of time or when the user scrolls to a certain point on the page. Pop-ups are a highly effective way to increase leads and conversions.

Test Domain

The next exclusive feature offered by Landingi is the test domain. It is a great way to test your landing pages before making them live. You can use a test domain to see how your pages look and feel and ensure they’re working correctly.

Email Marketing

Landingi’s email marketing feature is a great way to reach out to your customers and promote your business. This feature allows you to create and send newsletters, promotional emails, and other marketing materials. You can also track your results and see how your email campaigns perform.


An autoresponder is a type of email marketing that allows you to automatically send emails to your subscribers after they opt into your email list. Landingi’s autoresponder feature will enable you to create email campaigns triggered by specific actions, such as signing up for a free trial or purchase.

Benefits of Using Landingi

Landingi has many benefits to help you build high-converting landing pages. It allows you to create attractive, professional-looking landing pages with all the necessary features.

Here are some benefits of using Landingi.


It offers a wide range of templates for different niches and industries to find the perfect template for your business quickly. You can choose from multiple layouts and styles to design your unique design style according to your brand’s identity and personality.

Built-In Editor

You can easily change the text color, background color, font size, and font style on each page using the built-in editor panel provided by Landingi‚Äôs drag-and-drop builder tool.  

A/B Testing

Another benefit of using Landingi is the ability to A/B test your landing pages. This feature allows you to test different versions of your landing pages to see which ones perform the best.


Landing pages are the most important form of marketing for many companies because they allow you to target a specific audience and make it easier for your website visitors to convert into leads.

Companies use landing pages to gather information about their potential customers, analyze their needs and present them with solutions to their problems.

Landing pages are designed to attract potential clients by offering them valuable content in exchange for an email address or a phone number.

Landingi is an essential tool that helps you produce the best landing pages optimized for conversion. It’s easy to use and includes a range of features that allow you to create truly unique runners. Hence, Landingi is worth considering if you’re looking for a tool to help you increase your conversion rate. 

What are you waiting for? Opt for Landingi today and enhance your landing page.

Landingi Pricing & Plans

Landingi has three different types of pricing plans. They are Free, Professional & Agency Plans. Below mentioned is the cost of each plan.

Landingi Annual Pricing & Plans

  • Landingi Lite Annual plan costs $290/yr.
  • Landingi Professional Annual plan costs $490/yr.
  • Landingi Agency Annual plan costs $1490/yr.
  • Landingi Unlimited Annual plan costs $10000/yr.

Landingi Monthly Pricing & Plans

  • Landingi Lite Monthly plan costs $29/mon.
  • Landingi Professional Monthly plan costs $49/mon.
  • Landingi Agency Monthly plan costs $149/mon.
  • Landingi Unlimited Monthly plan costs $1000/mon.

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