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About DJI

DJI stands for Da-Jiang Innovations. DJI is a Chinese company that specializes in manufacturing drones for aerial photography and accounts for more than 70 percent of the global drone market. It is the world’s biggest drone maker.


Apart from drones, the company also designs and manufactures action cameras, camera stabilizers, and flight control systems. DJI’s products are majorly used by the film and defense industry. Also, DJI adapts itself to the market needs and manufactures innovative products with new features that are highly demanded in the market.

DJI Key Highlights

DJI not only designs, but also manufactures most of its components in their own industries. Hence, they are called fully lateral. With more focus on innovation, DJI has managed to launch some great products which are globally accepted as the best in the market. Let us look at the key points that make DJI the market leader.

  • Awesome video-making tools: DJI provides innovative imaging solutions to video or filmmakers or hobbyists. The DJI Mavic Air 2 is considered the best drone in 2021 because of its super shooting ability, better ISO performance, and huge 34-minute flight time. With these features, the DJI Mavic Air 2 seems like a perfect choice for recording high-quality videos.
  • Efficient agricultural solutions: DJI offers innovative tools with cutting-edge technologies that enhance farming practices. For example, they have a product named Agras T20 that protects crops from insects. They have another product named Phantom 4 RTK which is used in construction planning and property management. They also have a product named T Series Spreading System 2.0 which is used for scenarios like fertilizer spreading, rice seeding, and much more.
  • Enterprise solutions: DJI offers enterprise-level products that increase overall productivity and give businesses a push in the highly competitive market. DJI drones are used in aerial surveying, urban planning, and architecture construction by generating accurate data and visualizing results effectively. 
  • Innovativeness: DJI believes in innovative thinking and it had shown its innovativeness when it brought the DJI Phantom series which was the first consumer hobby drone.
  • Target multiple sections: DJI releases products that cover various types of requirements. It targets consumers, businesses, as well as professional photographers. DJI offers aerial, handheld as well as pro imaging solutions that are cost-effective and attract all kinds of customers. For example, they have an amazing model named DJI Mini 2, which is considered to be the best drone for beginners and also comes at an affordable price.
  • Easy to use: DJI drones are very easy to operate and there are no complicated steps involved in flying a DJI drone. This is a very strong reason why people choose DJI drones over others. 

These were the major areas where DJI operates. In addition to this, what makes DJI special is that they work with government bodies for the development of innovative technologies that could help improve global security systems. Also, from a customer perspective, DJI seems to be the best choice for drones since it has so many varieties of products covering a wide range of requirements.

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