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Are you looking for the highest quality VPN & proxies services? Are you looking for a dedicated IP address? Then check out IPBurger.com. Looking for an IPBurger coupon code? Then check the discounts section mentioned below.

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Here are some IPBurger coupon codes that you can use:

  • BURGERDAY20 – Get 20% off all IPburger products.
  • GC435GX20% OFF on IPBurger residential and fresh proxy plans.
  • 0HO3EUGY2F – 20% OFF on all IPburger proxy orders.
  • 𝐙𝟒𝟗𝐎𝐏𝟐𝐅𝟐𝐗𝐘 – 10% OFF on Fresh Proxies & IP’s. Every month forever.
  • STATIC2020% OFF on IPburger residential proxies & fresh proxy plans
  • NEWYEAR3535% OFF New Year & Black Friday Sale

You can find more IPburger promo codes by searching online or by following our website.

To use a promo code, simply enter it at the checkout page before you pay. The discount will be applied automatically.

Please note that promo codes may not be available all the time and they may have certain restrictions, such as a product quantity or an expiration date.

20% OFF Burger Day SALE

Click the below button and use the IPBurger coupon BURGERDAY20 and save 20% off on all IPburger products. This coupon code is valid for only 48 hours. So hurry up!

Quick IPBurger Promo Codes & Deals

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Click here and use coupon 0HO3EUGY2F and get 20% OFF on all IPburger proxy orders

Click here and use coupon 𝐙𝟒𝟗𝐎𝐏𝟐𝐅𝟐𝐗𝐘 and get 10% OFF on Fresh Proxies & IP’s. Every month forever. Limited time

Click here and use coupon STATIC20 and get 20% OFF on IPburger residential proxies & fresh proxy plans

Click here and use coupon 20OFFQ4 and 20% OFF on all IPBurger proxies plans

Click here and grab the deal, Upto 52% OFF on IPburger personal, dedicated & fresh VPN’s

Bulk orders? Contact the IPBurger team for special discounts.

Click here and use coupon NEWYEAR35 and get 35% OFF New Year & Black Friday Sale

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15% OFF IPBurger Spring SALE

IPBuurger is offering a spring sale. Use the discount code SPRING15 at the checkout and get 15% off on Static Residential Proxies, Rotating Residential Proxies, Fresh Proxies and more. Grab the offer now.

Amazing ISP Proxies Sale! 20% OFF On all Static Residential Proxies

Grab the exclusive offer by using the IPBurger coupon code “STATIC20″ and get a 20% discount on Residential ISP Proxies. Once you avail the plan you will get 24/7 VIP technical support. Static proxies are perfect for account creation, purchasing, and many more.

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Save Up To 20% On IPBurger Proxies

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15% OFF On Your First Order – IPBurger Discount Code

IPBurger is providing an amazing offer on your first order. Hurry up! Choose one of the IPBurger Pricing Plans and you will get a stable proxy with high speed within an hour. It does not require any coding skills or technical knowledge.

Use discount code EMAIL15 at checkout and get a 15% discount on your first month. Grab the offer by using clicking the button.

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Verified IPBurger Coupon code & Discounts

Claim your exclusive offer now. Get up to 20% off on your next IPBurger subscription using the IPBurger promo code. Verified discounts on IPBurger plans. Also, avail free IPBurger Plan.


15% Discount on all IPBurger Monthly Plans

Use the IPBurger discount coupon EMAIL15 and get 15% discount on monthly plans. Applicable on all plans.
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Get IPBurger Fresh Proxies Basic Plan For Just $20/mon

Now you can get IPBurger Fresh Proxies Basic Plan for $20/mon only. Grab the offer by using this deal
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Sale! Now Save Up To 20% On Static ISP Residential Proxies

Subscribe to static ISP Residential proxies and get a 20% discount on them. Grab the amazing sale by using this coupon code.
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IPBurger 2023 New Year Sale – 35% OFF [Expired]

IPBurger is eagerly waiting to celebrate the New Year with you. Starting from this end of the year IPBurger is providing 35% OFF for the first month + 1 Year Free VPN if you make any order over $100. So, Hurry up! Choose IP Burger plans and avail the amazing offer by using the below button.

IP Burger NIP Burger New Year Saleew Year Sale

About IPBurger

IPBurger provides the best quality and high-performance VPN & Proxy services which helps in scaling the business. It is the perfect solution for eCommerce, Online Marketing, Research, etc. It helps in overcoming any restrictions and website blocks.

IPBurger scales your business by creating several accounts, managing your marketing campaigns, etc. Using it, you can easily integrate your proxies into your software. A team of experts will answer your questions!

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IPBurger Products

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies from IPBurger are the most advanced offered in the market. They offer the smartest way to provide security to your business. Here are some key features IPBurger proxies

  • 75,000,000 proxies from real devices
  • Easily overcome bans, captchas, and suspensions.
  • Easily target any location.
  • Unlimited static and rotating sessions.
  • Unlimited Static Sessions
  • Upgrade, downgrade, rotate and copy proxy credentials in seconds.
  • Immune to bulk bans
  • Uses smart routing technology

Static Residential Proxies

Static Residential Proxies are also great for businesses that need to scrape data from websites or improve their online security. Their proxies are compatible with all major browsers and can be used with any software that supports proxy connections. Some of the key features are listed below.

  • A static residential proxy is 100% private and is not included on any blacklists
  • They don’t charge for data and have unlimited bandwidth
  • You can use these proxies to connect to eBay, PayPal, Amazon accounts, and more

Fresh Proxies

IPBurger offers fresh proxies are perfect for those who need a reliable, efficient way to access the internet. This product is ideal for businesses, students, and individuals who need fast, reliable internet access.

  • The connectivity speed of IPBurger Fresh Proxies is ultra-fast.
  • There are different proxy servers in different countries, including the US, UK, DE, CA, FR, SG, etc.
  • There is a wide range of proxy services available that you can use with PayPal, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and others.

Dedicated Proxies

A dedicated proxy is a proxy server wholly dedicated to your use. So, when you connect to a dedicated proxy, you will be the only person using that server. It offers several advantages over other proxies, including increased speed, privacy, and security. The dedicated proxies are IPs that are not shared with anyone else and have passed our strictest quality checks.

  • The IP addresses of dedicated proxies are 100% private.
  • Fast connection speeds are provided by these proxies.
  • With dedicated IPs, you can easily integrate your setup

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VPN Service

IPBurger offers a VPN service that allows users to browse the internet anonymously and securely. The VPN service encrypts all internet traffic and routes it through a secure tunnel, making it impossible for anyone to spy on or track the user’s online activities.

They also offer a variety of features to the customers. Some of these features include:

  • IPBurger VPN service is an all-in-one proxy dashboard for anonymous streaming and browsing.
  • With this VPN, you can use 5 Devices Simultaneously.
  • No activity logs & no connection logs.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies are IP addresses that are unique to each device and can be used to mask your identity when you are online. Mobile proxies are perfect for those who want to stay anonymous while surfing the web or using apps.

  • Mobile Proxies help us to overcome Captchas, Blocks, and Suspensions.
  • These proxies have unlimited traffic and rotating sessions.
  • Mobile proxies can be accessed in 100+ locations with unlimited 4G/5G connections.

IPBurger Pricing Plans

Residential Proxies

Using residential proxies, you will never have to worry about getting banned or being capped again. Your account will never be banned because our services are more advanced than those of other providers. Lets go through its residential plans. These plans are classified into 2 types i.e Regular plans & Premium Plans.

Residential Proxies Regular Plans

  • Residential Proxies Regular Starter Plan costs $69/mon.
  • Residential Proxies Regular Plus Plan costs $129/mon.
  • Residential Proxies Regular Pro Plan costs $199/mon.

Residential Proxies Premium Plans

  • Residential Proxies Premium Starter Plan costs $79/mon.
  • Residential Proxies Premium Plus Plan costs $149/mon.
  • Residential Proxies Premium Pro Plan costs $249/mon.

IP Burger Fresh Proxies

A fresh proxy resells IP addresses but shares the same IP address as many other users, resulting in blacklisting. They guarantee that every IP address is free from abuse and not shared with anyone. Your IP address is 100% private. You can control everything using our Firefox and Chrome browser extensions. Choose your Fresh plan from below and get access within 60 Seconds Or Less.

  • Fresh Proxies Basic Plan costs $20/mon.
  • Fresh Proxies Plus Plan costs $38/mon.
  • Fresh Proxies Pro Plan costs $54/mon.

Static Residential Proxies

  • Static Residential Proxies in the United Kingdom costs $29/mon.
  • Static Residential Proxies in the United States costs $29/mon.
  • Static Residential Proxies Enterprise plan costs $2500+/mon.
Static Residential Proxies

Dedicated Proxy Plans

  • The dedicated Proxy Basic Plan costs $8/mon.
  • The dedicated Proxy Plus Plan costs $20/mon.
  • The dedicated Proxy Pro Plan costs $33/mon.
  • The dedicated Proxy Enterprise Plan costs $1000+/mon.
Dedicated Proxy Plans

VPN Pricing Plans

  • 1 Month VPN plan costs $20.95/mon.
  • 12 Months VPN plan costs $5.41/mon.
  • 6 Months VPN plan costs $6.83/mon.
VPN Pricing Plans

Mobile Proxies Pricing Plans

  • Mobile Proxies Starter plan costs $129/mon.
  • Mobile Proxies Plus plan costs $349/mon.
  • Mobile Proxies Pro plan costs $499/mon.
  • Mobile Proxies Enterprise plan costs $10,000+/mon.
Mobile Proxies Pricing Plans

IPBurger FAQs

What type of payment methods does IPBurger accepts?

IPBurger accepts different types of payments like credit cards, bitcoin, and Paypal.

What is IPBurger Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, IPBurger does not offer refunds due to the intangibility of the services it provides and the fact that IPBurger does not monitor customer activities. In some cases, a store credit can be issued.

List out the different locations which IP Burger Proxy suppports?

IP Burger Proxy supports different locations like US, UK, Canada, Morrocco, Vietnam, India, Germany, Egypt, China, and Russia.

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