ProxyFish Review: ProxyFish Coupon Code, Products & Pricing

Are you looking for web proxies with the biggest network? Looking for a fast and highly anonymous data center, ISPs? Then check out full details about Also, grab the ProxyFish coupon code to get discounts on your plan.

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ProxyFish Coupon Code & Discounts

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About ProxyFish

ProxyFish hides IP addresses and facilitates anonymous surfing for private access. Unlike other anonymous proxy services, ProxyFish only offers Private & Elite anonymous proxy servers. Proxy servers are provided worldwide, including dedicated data center proxies, residential proxies, and ISP proxies. 

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ProxyFish Features

  • A primary goal of ProxyFish is to ensure maximum anonymity by using IP subnets from multiple ISP providers all over the world.
  • No data is logged by ProxyFish on any of its proxy services.
  • It has different types of add-ons like Chrome & Firefox Extension for all private and dedicated proxy orders.
  • Based on your usage case, proxy fish offers various proxy products including data center, residential, Internet Service Provider, and mobile proxies.

ProxyFish Proxies & Its Pricing Plans

ProxyFish is classified into different types of proxies. Let’s go through each one of them individually along with its pricing.

Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies has 3 different types of pricing plans. They are, One time trial, Standard & Premium plans. Below mentioned is its pricing.

  • Residential Proxy Monthly One-time trial plan costs $3/GB.
  • Residential Proxy Monthly Standard trial plan costs $5/GB.
  • Residential Proxy Monthly Premium trial plan costs $13/GB.

Sprint ISP Proxies

  • ProxyFish 1 Sprint ISP Proxy $3/mon.
  • ProxyFish 3 Sprint ISP Proxies $9/mon.
  • ProxyFish 5 Sprint ISP Proxies $15/mon.
  • ProxyFish 10 Sprint ISP Proxies $30/mon.
  • ProxyFish 15 Sprint ISP Proxies $45/mon.
  • ProxyFish 20 Sprint ISP Proxies $60/mon.
  • ProxyFish 30 Sprint ISP Proxies $90/mon.
  • ProxyFish 50 Sprint ISP Proxies $150/mon.
  • ProxyFish 100 Sprint ISP Proxies $300/mon.

Cogent ISP Proxies

ProxyFish 1 Cogent ISP Proxy $3/mon.
ProxyFish 3 Cogent ISP Proxies $9/mon.
ProxyFish 5 Cogent ISP Proxies $15/mon.
ProxyFish 10 Cogent ISP Proxies $30/mon.
ProxyFish 15 Cogent ISP Proxies $45/mon.
ProxyFish 20 Cogent ISP Proxies $60/mon.
ProxyFish 30 Cogent ISP Proxies $90/mon.
ProxyFish 50 Cogent ISP Proxies $150/mon.
ProxyFish 100 Cogent ISP Proxies $300/mon.

Datacenter (Socks) Proxies

  • 1 Socks Proxy costs $3.5/mon.
  • 3 Socks Proxies costs $10.5/mon.
  • 5 Socks Proxies costs $15/mon.
  • 10 Socks Proxies costs $30/mon.
  • 15 Socks Proxies costs $45/mon.
  • 20 Socks Proxies costs $60/mon.
  • 30 Socks Proxies costs $85/mon.
  • 50 Socks Proxies costs $140/mon.
  • 100 Socks Proxies costs $275/mon.

Datacenter HTTPS Proxies

  • 1 Datacenter HTTPS Proxy cost $3.5/mon.
  • 3 Datacenter HTTPS Proxies cost $10.5/mon.
  • 5 Datacenter HTTPS Proxies cost $15/mon.
  • 10 Datacenter HTTPS Proxies cost $30/mon.
  • 15 Datacenter HTTPS Proxies cost $45/mon.
  • 20 Datacenter HTTPS Proxies cost $60/mon.
  • 30 Datacenter HTTPS Proxies cost $90/mon.
  • 50 Datacenter HTTPS Proxies cost $150/mon.
  • 100 Datacenter HTTPS Proxies cost $275/mon.

Proxy Fish Pro Extension

  • ProxyFish Pro Extension cost 45.99/mon.

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