Prestashop Review: Features, Benefits, Pricing & Prestashop Coupon

Are you looking for a freemium, open-source e-commerce platform? Want to start your online business and start selling online? Then check out Looking for a Prestashop coupon? Then check out the discounts section below.

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About Prestashop

Prestashop is a powerful and globally appreciated eCommerce building platform. It helps the business owners to build a powerful and seamless eCommerce store within a few hours.

One does not need high-end technical expertise in designing websites through Prestashop. It takes only a few steps to develop a compact and feature-rich eCommerce store through this platform. Since it offers an interactive and user-friendly website builder, many web developers prefer using Prestashop for their client projects.


Prestashop Features & Benefits

Prestashop comes with many features that help to attain a compact eCommerce store. Developing a powerful and flawless eCommerce store is essential for earning profit through the platform. Some of the notable features of Prestashop have been listed below.

  • Customization: Since Prestashop offers many features to the developers, the customization process becomes simpler and more seamless. You can add value to your eCommerce store through these customization features.
  • More Visitors: Using Prestashop will help you to develop an SEO friendly website that magnetizes more traffic. Getting more visitors is the ultimate aim of an eCommerce store. Prestashop fulfills the need with perfection.
  • Easy Migration: Migrating the website from one platform to Prestashop is simple. With minimal technical expertise, you can perform the job. Migration cost is also minimal for the website owners.
  • Sell Globally: Prestashop is a platform that helps you to sell globally. You can broaden the presence of your brand identity through Prestashop based eCommerce platform.

Prestashop is beneficial for developers for many reasons. But, professional developers prefer the platform for two major reasons. First of all, the platform is feature-rich. Secondly, the cost of developing a web store is minimal.

Prestashop Pricing

Before purchasing the plans or packages of Prestashop, you can try a simple demo. At the demo shop, you shall get many crucial Prestashop features to develop your demo website. If you like the demo, you can move ahead to purchasing a full-time plan.

Prestashop Coupon Code & Discounts

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