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Ease of Use





  • Ease of use. Saved hundreds of work hours with lots of additional benefits.
  • Lots of add-ons and vast control over what you and your vendors can do.
  • Their PayPal Adaptive Payments plugin eliminates any MTL or PCI issues they may encounter
  • The code is easy to navigate, if you know what your doing and you want to add some custom features.
  • Previous there are many complaits about the support. But currently the support team is active and helpful.


  • we do experience some breach in code and wordpress debug errors, while trying to add/install more dokan addons to our wordpress CMS framework.
  • Needs more options to compete with eBay, many stores are meant to be setup like eBay and Amazon third party vendors.
  • Bug updates sometime takes longer then expected to resolve. Especially on simple features request or bug update request
  • Customization could be easier. For example, I have no way to remove "Downloads" from the main tab. My marketplace has no downloads and so that confuses people. Payment says "Dokan Stripe," which I had to enter into the code to change. There are a bunch of small things like that that cause a bunch of customization work. Also, a shipping integration would be incredibly helpful.
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Dokan Free Demo

Build you dream multi vendor marketplace using Dokan. You can create multiple types of Marketplaces with Dokan. Just pick a demo that you like and try out the functionalities.

Dokan offers 12 diffrent types of marketplaces according to your niche.

  • Fashion Marketplace
  • Electronic Marketplace
  • Auto Parts
  • Booking
  • Auction
  • Furniture
  • Jewellery
  • Handycraft
  • Food
  • Grocery
  • Multi Purpose
  • Digital

About Dokan

Dokan multivendor marketplace solution is the platform that brings entrepreneurship to your fingertip. It helps its users to create their own e-commerce brand. Dokan helps you to create your own online marketplace that saves you hundreds of hours. The user can create their online marketplace by just simply downloading and following some simple steps.

History of Dokan

On 17th February 2014, Dokan launched as a WooCommerce-based marketplace theme. Wedevs Dokan developer theme is located in Bangladesh. After 7 months of its release, it was relaunched as a free plugin plan bundled with a marketplace theme to keep up with the competition.

Also in 2015, the Dokan lite plugin was made available on WordPress. It helped Dokan gain exposure to a larger WordPress audience. The lite version was made mandatory with the pro version in March 2017, which resulted in an improvement in the plugin statistics significantly.

In Nov 2017 you see another major restructure in the Dokan application – This upgrade focused on marketing instead of development – as individual add-ons are eliminated and pricing plans became costlier and pre-bundled modules were introduced.

Now, Dokan has 50,000+ active installations.

My Experience & Review with Dokan

Dokan is a plugin based on WooCommerce and works on WordPress. Here are the pros and cons of the “WordPress+plugin” solutions that I observed.

Dokan pros

  • E-commerce functionality is easily added as a plugin to your WordPress site.
  • Minimal effort for installation and setup.
  • The free version offers basic functionality for running a simple web store.

Dokan cons

  • Launching expenses are higher than for other multi-vendor eCommerce platforms because you have to pay for a lifetime license.

Dokan Languages

You can translate and use Dokan based on your language. You have 12 different languages that you can use with wedevs Dokan. Let’s look at what are those languages.

  • English (US)
  • Catalan
  • Chinese (Taiwan)
  • Dutch, English (Canada)
  • German
  • Persian
  • Spanish (Colombia)
  • Spanish (Peru)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Spanish (Venezuela)
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Russian

Dokan marketplace platforms are based on PHP. Almost all the WooCommerce platforms are based on PHP  programming language, So no problems with looking for a developer or support team in both cases.

Marketplace Platforms using Websites

We have some good websites using the Wedevs Dokan application for their e-commerce business. Don’t miss out on checking the full story about the successful e-commerce store.

AboutURLFull Story
Wondrous Malaysian E-Commerce Success Story With Dokan Details
Leisa Papa’s Little Kids Business details
Educational Institute ‘Project Management College’ details

Ease of Use

The Dokan admin panel home page contains statistics and menus. If you are familiar with the WordPress admin panel, it should not be a problem for you. Because the Dokan interface is similar to wordpress.

A Dokan multi-vendor software solution has a convenient admin panel with separate dashboards for each vendor.

Installation Process

The installation process of Dokan is very easy.

To activate the dokan, You need to open the admin panel of your WordPress site. Then navigate to Plugins → Add New → Dokan. Now click Install & Activate. After activating Dokan, you’ll get a multistep setup wizard screen. Then fill out the wizard.

Now install WooCommerce to run Dokan. Navigate to Plugins> Add New> WooCommerce> Install> Activate. Check out the below video for step by step procedure

Key Features & Functionality

The reason dokan is such popular is its advanced features. Product duplicator, Ajax live search, Customer support, Live chat option, Stripe connect, subscriptions make it much popular.

Payouts to vendors are handled automatically by PayPal, which is a good feature. Store administrators save almost 90% of their time because of this feature.

Using Dokan we can mention cost, amount of products, period, admin commission, and vendor category.

Order Management system

The customer can order goods from various vendors, but orders from the vendors and the administrator are separate. This feature is very comfortable and handy. 

Administrative Access

Managing a big Internet store is easier if you delegate duties to your company staff members. The Dokan Multi-Vendor system lets you decide which level of access to grant to your staff members. 

Separate Vendor panel

Wedevs Dokan provides vendor panel based on storefront account panel

Different stores for different vendors

In  Dokan each Seller has a micro-store inside the web marketplace. And the micro store URL has a vendor company name. They can share it with their customers to draw them to your marketplace.

Import and export

Dokan offers import and export features in Business ($499) and Enterprise ($999) versions.

Access control for vendors at multiple levels

This functionality for marketplace administration works for vendors too on Dokan Multi-Vendor. It allows making any amount of different levels for vendor shop administration as well. Dokan plugin has the similar. This functionality is in Business ($499) and Enterprise ($999) versions.

Comments & Reviews

Vendors can delete or mark comments as spam with the Dokan plugin.

Bulk product editing

  • Control over who sells and who does: The user has the right to activate and deactivate the t selling rights. It provides the user the feeling of the admin of their marketplace.
  • Announcements on the dashboard: The vendor can broadcast important and new announcements on the dashboard; this information will be visible to all the vendors or to some specific vendors.
  • Shipping management: The vendor can handle their own with zone wise shipping. This will make the task of shipping easy and hazel free.
  • Easy withdrawal: Frontend dashboard is used by the vendor for requesting the payment. The user can set the window limit, payment channel, and much more.
  • Product review: The marketplace brand value also gets increased with the customer’s review available.
  • Coupon management from the dashboard: The user need not spend time checking the coupons as they can get it straight from the dashboard.

Dokan Pricing & Plans

Dokan provides its users with some different plans according to the user’s preferences. Choose the plan that fits you.

  • Dokan Free Plan: This plan is available free of cost. It provides some of the basic features to its users.
  • Dokan Starter Plan: It provides users with all the basic features and also with 1 premium module and 1 site license.
  • Dokan Professional Plan: It provides some more additional powerful features like WC product add-on integration.
  • Dokan Business Plan: It helps to create an unlimited and perfect multi-vendor store with vendor subscription products.
  • Dokan Enterprise Plan: It provides theme compatibility, basic installation, live chat support, and 17 premium modules.

Doka Yearly Pricing

  • Dokan annual free plan cost is $0.
  • Dokan annual starter plan cost is $149.
  • Dokan annual professional plan cost is $249.
  • Dokan annual business plan cost is $499.
  • Dokan annual professional plan cost is $999.

Dokan Lifetime Pricing

  • Dokan lifetime free plan cost is $0.
  • Dokan lifetime starter plan cost is $745.
  • Dokan lifetime professional plan cost is $1245.
  • Dokan lifetime business plan cost is $2495.
  • Dokan lifetime professional plan cost is $4995.

Dokan Alternatives

Dokan is one of the popular multi-vendor marketplaces on WordPress. It is WooCommerce compatible simple yet powerful completely standalone theme. But, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why it’s worth exploring Dokan alternatives before you commit.

In general, it’s hard to fault in Dokan. The below tools offer similar features and performance, along with some of their own advantages.

  • Sharetribe
  • WCFM Market Place
  • AmeriCommerce
  • Shopify Plus
  • Marketing 360

Should I choose Dokan free or pro version?

Choosing the dokan pro version or free version completely depends on our business. Before going to this topic let us discuss what are the features that differ from the pro version to the free version.

  • Plugin updates: Available in Pro & Free
  • Support: Dokan pro support is ticket-based but you will not priority in the free version.
  • Frontend Dashboard for Vendors: Available in Pro & Free
  • Frontend Simple Product Management: Available in Pro & Free
  • Frontend Variable Products Management: Available in only pro version
  • Order Management: Available in Pro & Free
  • Withdraw System for Vendors: Available in Pro & Free.
  • Individual Vendor Stores: Available in Pro & Free.
  • Order Email Notifications: Available in Pro & Free.
  • Seller Management UI: Available in only pro version.
  • Seller Reports: Available in only pro version.
  • Shipping Management: Available in only pro version.
  • Tax Options: Available in only pro version.
  • Coupon Creation: Available in only pro version.
  • Making Announcements: Available in Pro & Free.

If you examine the features closely. You are missing seller management and all seller-side details plus tracking. This part becomes crucial when you want to analyze the customer’s point of view and maintain the business for long-term.

I recommend the Dokan free version to all if are a newbie or you just want a trail of Dokan. But if you want to make the business bigger then definitely choose the Dokan pro version

Wedevs Review Verdict

I hope this could give you a brief about wedevs products. Wedevs is an amazing innovator and has thousands of happy customers with its products. The customer support from the Wedevs is top-notch. This company is widespread over more than 160 countries with more than 70 team members. They provide unique solutions for your eCommerce.

So, now it is up to you whether you want to get started with WeDevs or not. I Hope Wedevs review helps you get the desired information. Please check the official website of WeDevs for more information.

Tips to Avail Maximum Dokan Discount

Guys, we provide exclusive Dokan coupon codes and discount offers for years. After a long relationship with wedevs, we found a way to get the maximum discount. Here I am sharing it with you.

  • Wedevs offers 3 different sets of coupons or discount codes to its customers.
  • Basic coupons: These coupons are available for all its customers. You will get up to a 20% discount on using them. These coupons are applicable throughout the year.
  • Intermediate coupons: These coupon codes are applicable occasionally. These are available on coupon websites. The checkout above coupons section to get them.
  • Special Coupons: These coupons are very rare. You will get a discount of up to 60% using these special coupon codes and offers. You will find these offers during EID, Christmas, Black Friday, and other special days. These are limited-time offers.

So purchase dokan using special coupons for maximum discount. You will get up to 60% off. Our team will update working dokan discount codes regularly. So, check out them and avail of the maximum discount.

How to apply the Dokan coupon?

Guys here I am going to teach the detailed way to apply the dokan coupon while you are ordering. Follow these simple steps and get an exciting discount.

  • Go to the website. Just “Sign In” or “LOGIN” into your account.
steps to apply dokan coupon code
  • Then click on “Dokan multivendor” under our products section.
  • Then click on the “Get Started” button. As shown in the below image.
steps to apply dokan coupon code
  • Then choose the plan that suits you best. Also, choose Annual or Monthly membership. Then click on the “Buy Now” button.
steps to apply dokan coupon code. Pricing table
  • Now you arrive at the checkout page. Here paste the dokan coupon code in the coupon section. Then click on “Apply Coupon”. That’s it. You got the discounted price on your dokan order.
applying dokan coupon
  • Do not have a Dokan coupon. Don’t worry. We mentioned all dokan working coupons in the above sections. Please check it and use it when you order. Have a great shopping!!

Dokan FAQ’s

How much can I save using the dokan coupon code on every order?

There are some special days and weeks where you can see up to 60% off on the dokan order. On special days like Wedevs Birthday, Ramadan, Christmas, New year dokan is available at the huge sales. Grab out these heavy discounts returning to our page. Our team will get a week before notification about the big discounts. Once it comes we will update the page with discount codes. For more info click here

Does Dokan promo code is valid for one year?

Most of the promo codes will expire soon. They are valid for a short time. So it is not possible to get a dokan promo code with validity one year.

Can dokan discount code be used for other wedevs products for discounts?

This is a tricky question. Only few discount code are of dokan are valid for all wedevs products. It all depends on the code. Our team will update the promo codes very regularly. Please checkout the page and have an amazing shopping experience with dokan.

Do Dokan has mobile version?

Yes, recently dokan has released it mobile version. So now dokan all its customers can enjoy their customers through smartphones. To know more about the dokan mobile version click here

What is Dokan Coupon?

Dokan coupon code is a small piece of code that can be used to get a discount on the dokan plan when we subscribe. Check the best deals and coupons to get the maximum offer.

Expired Dokan Discount Codes

Dokan Halloween Coupon 2020

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Dokan 1-year subscription FREE

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Dokan Coupon Code & Discounts

45% OFF on WP User frontend plugins.

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