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Are you looking for the best international proxy provider service? Looking for the middleware that authenticates library users? Then check out EzProxies.com. Are you looking for the EzProxies coupon code? Then check out the discounts section mentioned below.

About EzProxies

EZproxy is a proxy service used by libraries to offer access to sites that are usually not accessible to the public. It is a good choice when you wish to use Scrapebox with your pirate scripts. It is a proxy provider service with its headquarters located in the US, Europe, Asia.

They have reliable, quick service, affordable, highly anonymous, elite private proxies, and shared proxies.

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EzProxies Features

Great Value

Our lower prices on private proxies beat our competitor’s prices by substantial margins! You can call us to have one of our friendly customer service representatives custom-build your package to suit your needs.

More Secured

Our robust technology makes challenging to detect a proxy’s presence on our website. Our proxies are highly anonymous. With our advanced technology, it is quite impossible for a website to figure out if you are using a proxy tool.

Customer Support

At all hours and at all circumstances, we will assist you with your concerns or direct you to the appropriate support center by phone, or chat. If you have any questions, feel free to call us, send us a ticket, or utilize one of our LiveChat features during these times.

EzProxies Types & Its Pricing Plans

Private USA Proxies

A private proxy is a proxy that authorizes only you to access it. They are exclusively made in America and utilize the HTTP(S) protocol for their connections.

Private USA Proxies Pricing Plans

  • 10 Private USA Proxies costs $20/mon.
  • 25 Private USA Proxies costs $47/mon.
  • 50 Private USA Proxies costs $90/mon.
  • 100 Private USA Proxies costs $150/mon.
  • 250 Private USA Proxies costs $350/mon.
  • 500 Private USA Proxies costs $600/mon.

Shared Proxies

A shared proxy is one that we share with other users. Our shared proxy is based in the USA. Let’s go through its pricing.

Shared Proxies Pricing Plans

  • 50 Shared Proxies costs $65/mon.
  • 100 Shared Proxies costs $110/mon.
  • 250 Shared Proxies costs $250/mon.
  • 500 Shared Proxies costs $325/mon.

SockS5 Proxies

A SOCKS5 proxy is proxy that uses the SOCKS5 protocol. below mentioned is the cost of different no of proxies.

SockS5 Proxies Pricing Plans

  • 10 SockS5 proxies cost $30/mon.
  • 50 SockS5 proxies cost $100/mon.
  • 100 SockS5 proxies cost $180/mon.
  • 250 SockS5 proxies cost $350/mon.

EzProxies Coupon Code & Discounts

Will update EzProxies Coupon Code & Discounts soon.

EzProxies FAQs

What are the Locations does EzProxies prefer?

Ezproxies offer locations like America, Europe, Asia, Israel, Japan, Singapore, etc.

What are the differernt types does ezproxies offer?

Ezproxies provide HTTP/HTTPS proxies. You can use them with any software that can accept these proxies.

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