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Are you fond of recording videos? Do you want to set yourself free from the hassle of recording and editing? Then, this content is for you; it will introduce you to ‘Screencastify’, which provides you with the best and easy video recording features. For Screencastify coupon code scroll down page.

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What is Screencastify?

Screencastify is a company that provides the best video recording services. Almost more than 12 million people use it for easy recording the videos, editing the videos, and sharing videos. It doesn’t matter if someone is completely new or a seasoned video creator, Screencastify meets the needs of everyone and satisfy them with its exclusive features.


Features of Screencastify:

They have easily understandable and satisfying features that will make your video more attractive. The features are as follows: 

  • Extremely Simple: Screencastify is very easy to use. Anybody can use it to express themselves through their self-made videos. 
  1. Firstly, you need to make it certain that you are capturing the video on your tab or webcam, as Screencastify is not applicable for mobile phones or small screens.
  2. Embed your webcam according to your preferences wherever you want to record your video.
  3. Use the microphone to narrate your message or story that you want to share.
  • Hold the Attention: They provide several annotation tools, which can be used to keep the audience focused on important things. These tools are:
  1. Mouse spotlight
  2. Drawing pen tool
  3. Click highlighting
  • Fast Sharing: This is the final step after you are done with recording your video. Now, it’s time to share it with the world! With Screencastify, the entire process becomes very easy.
  1. They auto-save your recordings to Google Drive so that it doesn’t get lost anywhere.
  2. Also, they instantly share the link of Google Drive, such that you don’t have to surf all your files to find the video you want.
  3. You can directly upload it on YouTube.
  4. If you wish to convert the format of your video, you can easily convert it into MP4, MP3, animated or GIF as per your needs.

Apart from the above-stated features, they also provide the facilities of UX/ UI services and 24*7 customer support for their clients. Click Here for Support. Get Screencastify coupon code to avail maximum discounts

Screencastify for Business Professionals:

  • For better and faster communication . Screencastify for business is highly beneficial for:
  1. Sales purpose 
  2. Customer support 
  3. Account management 

Screencastify for Teachers & Students

  • 97% of teachers believe that Screencastify is effective for:
  1. Language and speech practice
  2. Reflection and comprehension exercise
  3. Slide presentations for better understanding and interaction
  4. Professional development practices. Checkout the screencastify for teachers page here

Courses Offered by Screencastify:

They offer various beneficial courses to learn more about Screencastify. The courses are as follows:

  1. Master the Screencastify
  2. Master the Screencastify
  3. Jr. Genius!

Screencastify Price Structure:

They have different pricing schemes that facilitate different Screencastify video recording features.

  1. Free ($0)
  2. Unlimited ($49)
  3. Custom (best value). The prices will differ using Screencastify coupon code. They accept all major credit cards and Paypal. They also accept offline POs for all purchases over $100. For more details about the pricing checkout Screencastify.

Screencastify Coupon Code & Deals

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How Effective is Screencastify?

As per the services and features provided by Screencastify, it is evident that they provide the best and simplest screen recorder, worldwide. Not only can it be used by individuals for sharing their personal feelings and emotions, but for business or professional purposes as well as educational purposes. You can also record offline on Screencastify, without using the internet. For more reviews on similar softwares checkout

Screencastify Review Verdict:

It can be thus concluded that Screencastify is the best option for recording videos. It is highly recommended to people belonging from different fields, for its unique and easy-to-use features.

Screencastify FAQ’s

How do I record Screencastify?

Click on the extension icon which will open the Recording Control Panel. Next Select the Desktop option. For narration enable microphone, For webcam enable “Embed camera”. last click record

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