Sellics Review: Sellics Coupon Code, Advertising, Pricing & Plans

Are you looking for an all-in-one Amazon FBA management solution? Looking to increase organic traffic, automate PPC campaigns, and track profits? Then checkout sellics Amazon software. Looking for a sellics coupon code? Check out the sellics discounts section mentioned below.

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Follow the steps to avail Sellics maximum discounts

Are you looking for a maximum discount on your Sellics order? Then follow the below steps carefully. I going to mention every step in detail to avail the best discounts.

  • Click on the coupons section mentioned above.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the Sellics home page. The discount will be applied automatically to your account.
  • Then go to plans and select the plan that fits you.
  • You will be redirected to check out. There you see the discounted price
  • That’s it. You got a maximum discount on Sellics order.

What is Sellics?

Sellics is a German-based company, made an all-in-one software for Amazon Sellers and Vendors. A lot of software offers distinct facilities to the seller, but Sellics will combine these important tools and will make a combo of it to provide optimum data and output.

For sellers in Amazon, Sellics will be a relief as it provides several tools like real-time measuring of the profit, optimizing Amazon PPC, enhancing rankings, inventory alert, and also managing reviews.

Sellics will let you know when your products will go out of stock and will track the keywords and will make amendments to make the seller keywords ranking incline. They will notify the seller of the consumer’s review and will sort them accordingly. The Vendors can make an influx in their business with this all-in-one software.

What are the solutions provided by the Sellics?

For your Amazon business, Sellics has some exciting solutions that can ease your business. 

Sellics Advertising

Sellics will provide keyword recommendations for your entire product range and can streamline response and promote a brand through advertising with complete PPC automation. The PPC will also act as a marketing manager that will audit your revenue growth on Amazon and will also review your sales comparing both organic and paid.

Sellics AL Optimization

The Autopilot Advertising Automation of the AL optimization is a great solution for the growth of your Amazon Advertising Sales.

It Includes full transparency in it, which is simply great to boost your performance.

It works with a very high-end AI-based algorithm for Amazon Advertising optimization, which analyses the keyword clustering, sales forecasting, revenue increasing while taking care of all the other factors.

Here are the features it includes: 

  • Automated Bidding for the keyword clustering, seasonality analysis, sales forecasting, and revenue per-click prediction 
  • Keyword harvesting to boost up your marketing campaign 
  • Target ACoS Optimization to meet the profit goals with the machine learning 

Sellics Profit

Tracking your profit has been made easier with this amazing solution by Sellics.

It lets you integrate your advertising and the other activities and lets you add your costs to track your profit.

To ensure better profit generation from your Amazon Business, this profit tracking solution works in real-time through the individual ASINs.

It includes a complex set of metrics that helps you to calculate your true profit conveniently. 

  • It shows you the profit while combining your PPC data with it 
  • It shows you the data for the multiple markets and the marketplaces 
  • It integrates with multiple seller central accounts 
  • Modifies and adds your CoGs and the VAT as per your preference

Sellics Mobile App

To get your insight into the profit and sales of your Amazon Business account on the go, this Sellics Mobile App is simply great. It lets you check all your daily sales and the profit on your mobile.

It shows the data for the individual product levels across all of your businesses and in the entire marketplace.

It works with a fast and intuitive UI that has interactive charts and views on the multimarket, which keeps you updated.

Here are the features it offers: 

  • Offers live updates for the whole day
  • Let’s you see your advertising profitability with the seamless data 
  • Provides on-the-go view in the multimarket 
  • Includes the net profit calculation 
  • Comes with the proprietary performance table 
  •  Integrates with the seller central

Sellics SEO

To grow your sales with a fully optimized product listing, the SEO solution of Sellics offers you better performance.

It lets you maintain and optimize your product listing. At the same time, the SEO tool lets you achieve maximum SEO with very few steps.

Here are the features it includes: 

  • Easy listing optimization 
  • Convenient keyword research 
  • Real-time content monitoring 
  •  Rank tracking for your products and keywords

Sellics Reviews Management

With Reviews Management, managing your customer feedback becomes easier. It lets you manage all your customer feedback from one place to improve your conversion. It has some great features to maintain a good relationship with your customer while responding to them. 

  • Live alerts on the new product reviews 
  • Quality customer service delivery 
  • Creation of customizable response
  • Understanding the drivers of the customer satisfaction

Sellics Customer Support

Sellics customer support team also actively acts as they will respond quickly to your queries both through email and chat.

Sellics Pricing & Plans

Choose the plan that fits you perfectly.

Sellics Annual Pricing

  • Sellics annual leading insights benchmarker for free.
  • Sellics annual software platform + Advertising advisor for $259/mon
  • Sellics annual complete managed service for $999/mon
Sellics Pricing & Plans

Sellics Quarterly Pricing

  • Sellics quarterly leading insights benchmarker for free.
  • Sellics quarterly software platform + Advertising advisor for $359/mon
  • Sellics quarterly complete managed service for $1333/mon

Sellics Monthly Plans Pricing

  • Sellics advertising pro plus plan monthly costs $198/mon
  • Sellics advertising expert plus plan monthly costs $449/mon
  • Sellics advertising custom plan monthly cost varies with the requirement.

Sellics Annual Plans Pricing

  • Sellics advertising pro plus plan annual costs $1980/yr.
  • Sellics advertising expert plus plan annual costs $4490/yr.
  • Sellics advertising custom plan annual cost $5990/yr.

Sellics Free Trial

Sellics offers you free 14 days trial for all its customers. Your trial will expire automatically. No need to fill in the card details. Just sign up and grab the free trial offer.

Sellics Alternatives

Sellics has become very significant in this Amazon world. But this might not be everyone’s cup of coffee. There are many softwares which provide the best features at a limited price. Here is the list of best alternatives for Sellics.

Sellics Pros & Cons


  • Sellics is a one-stop shop for all your Amazon selling needs, providing a range of tools and features to help make your business more successful.
  • Sellics is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and clear instructions.
  • It offers a range of features to help you manage your inventory, track sales, and optimize your marketing campaigns.
  • Sellics integrates with multiple Amazon services, including FBA, Seller Central, and Advertising.
  • Sellics is cost-effective, offering a free version as well as a paid version.


  • Sellics may be too expensive for some users, as the paid versions can be quite costly.
  • Sellics may be difficult to use for users who are not familiar with the Amazon platform.
  • The interface can be difficult to navigate, making it hard to find the features you need.

Sellics Review Verdict

Sellics has a piece of great overall knowledge about the tools that they provide, which helps them to implement those tools effectively for you. They also have a performance widget that shows a real-time conversion rate.

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Sellics FAQ’s

What is Sellics Discount Code?

Sellics discount code is a shortcode that is used while ordering Sellics in order to get a discount on the price. If you are looking for Sellics coupons then check the above coupons & discounts sections.

Campaign set up and hands-on PPC campaign management features are available in benchmark plan?

Campaign set up thefeature and hands-on PPC campaign management feature is available in only managed services plan. This feature is not available in benchmark and advertising advisor plan.

Is the Sellics benchmarker [beta] report really available for free?

Yep! Access to the report. It is completely free. All you have to do is sign up.

Does Sellics offer a free trial period?

Yes, Sellics provides a 14-day free trial. You can try out any of the sellics plans and this is a good offer to choose the best plan which suits you.

How to avail Sellics discounts code?

Follow the below steps to avail the maximum discounts.

  • Go to the Sellics website. “Sign In” or “LOGIN” is required.
  • Click on Pricing in the header section. Then select the plan you want to order.
  • Then click the Order Now button. You will be redirected to the checkout page.
  • Paste the coupon code in the coupon section.
  • After entering the discount code, you will see a discount on the total price.

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