WP ERP Review: Effectively Manage Your Business Operations | WP ERP Coupon Code

WP ERP offers WordPress’s most reliable information storage and record-keeping system to manage your business autonomously and interactively. It can handle all business-related duties, including HR, CRM, Project Management, Accounting, and other departments. Looking for WP ERP Coupon Code? Then check out the discounts section below.

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About WP ERP

WP ERP is the first comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that enables you to manage your WordPress website and business from a single platform. The free edition of WP ERP includes all the crucial tools you require to manage your company’s essential operations.

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Features of WP ERP

Here are the top features of WP ERP that make it a one-stop solution for all your business needs, making it a fully featured enterprise resource planning solution.

HR Manager to Empower Workforce

WP ERP allows easy Employee Management for your business with a WordPress HRM plugin free of charge. You may take advantage of detailed employee profiles, promotions, announcements, performance logs, leave requests, increments, email notifications, HR reports, and more.

Advanced CRM To Nurture Your Customers

You can use the free WordPress CRM plugin without restrictions. With simple filtering and live stages, manage your contacts more efficiently and quickly. Send emails, set assignments, arrange calls and meetings, create segments, and do much more with WP ERP.

Accounting for Non-Accountants

You can utilize the accounting module to control your company’s funds in real time. Managing your bank accounts, clients, suppliers, sales, costs, and reports becomes a breeze with WP ERP. This solution allows you to access detailed, real-time information, conduct transactions, create invoices, and pay employees from one location.

Project Management Integration Framework

WP ERP offers an ideal project management solution that provides performance at par with your go-to, well-known options. It is also reasonably priced for the efficiency and comprehensive solution. With the WP Project Manager Integration, you can accomplish all your company project management requirements in one place.

Employee Data Collection

The profile page for the employee can contain as much or as little information as you like. WP ERP even lets you add documents to the form with a plugin.

Life Stage Controls

You can prioritize users based on life stages and segment your service efficiently. You can reply to communications based on priority and urgency for increased productivity.

Effortless Issue & Collection of Invoice

In WP ERP Accounting, you can create invoices that dynamically update clients’ accounts. You can also receive or send a message in seconds, saving you time and effort. You can choose the customer and the desired tab to complete the action. You can accept contributions into either your savings account or as cash.

Easy Project Management

WP Project Manager lets you do plenty of operations, including planning, setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, assigning work to teams, breaking down tasks into their most minor components, and completing missions while providing full progress reports.

WP ERP is a ground-breaking web-based ERP system designed to function inside your WordPress-powered website. Anyone can start using it because of the simplicity and user-friendliness of the interface. With real-time reports and centralized management, WP ERP strives to meet your corporate business requirements while also increasing your firm’s productivity.

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WP ERP Pricing & Plans

WP ERP Monthly Pricing & Plans

  • 1 WP ERP Pro monthly plan costs $12.99/mon.
  • 100 WP ERP Pro monthly plan costs $309/mon.
  • 200 WP ERP Pro monthly plan costs $609/mon.
  • 300 WP ERP Pro monthly plan costs $909/mon.
  • 400 WP ERP Pro monthly plan costs $1209/mon.
  • 500 WP ERP Pro monthly plan costs $1509/mon.

WP ERP Annual Pricing & Plans

  • 1 WP ERP Pro Annual plan costs $129/mon.
  • 100 WP ERP Pro Annual plan costs $3099/mon.
  • 200 WP ERP Pro Annual plan costs $6099/mon.
  • 300 WP ERP Pro Annual plan costs $9099/mon.
  • 400 WP ERP Pro Annual plan costs $12099/mon.
  • 500 WP ERP Pro Annual plan costs $15099/mon.

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