ActiveCampaign Review | Is it worthy? Pricing, Features & ActiveCampaign Discount Code

Want to critically assess how your company performs in customer relations? If bad, do you want to augment customer satisfaction with email marketing? So, this content introduces you to ‘ActiveCampaign’ that helps you to meet such needs. Scroll down for ActiveCampaign discount code and ActiveCampaign pricing and more.

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ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

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ActiveCampaign Pros & Cons


  • Best Email Marketing automation service in the market
  • It guarantees high email deliverability, which helps in fulfilling your campaign objectives and goals.
  • It allows for free implementation and migration service from your existing software, which can be a tremendous advantage for starters.
  • Offers 14 days free trial without asking any card details
  • With over 850+ apps, you can connect with the tools that make the most sense for your business


  • ActiveCampaign offers a lot of functionality. Unfortunately, the menu structure makes it sometimes hard to find features for beginners
  • The price of each plan increases as the number of contacts grows, which can affect your monthly budget.

ActiveCampaign free marketing tools

ActiveCampaign offers free marketing tools to help you market better and help your business succeed. Now you can stop wasting time on little, nagging questions, and spend more time on things you love. Some of them are Subject Line Generator, Webinar Templates, Holiday Marketing Toolkit, Freelancer Resources, SaaS Homepage Audit Worksheet, CRM Template, Calculate Cart Abandonment and many more.

Features to Look for in Email Marketing Tool

For those who are more into getting marketing automation, finding the right tool for them is daunting enough. There are plenty of tools available in the market which promise to offer you the optimal service but often fail to offer the right clarity in the result. 

So, what do you do then? Try all the other tools in the market? No! This is why I am here with the review of ActiveCampaign, which works as one of the leading and affordable marketing automation and email list management tools, which is helping the users for a long time. But is that reliable enough for you? This is why this review is recommended for you so that you can find out if it is suitable for you or not. 

But before jumping to the review, know first what features you should look for in tools like ActiveCampaign. Have a look: 

Multiple Tags:

Multiple tags are simply a very intuitive feature that is necessary for many uses. The multiple tagging feature lets you tag someone interested in blogging, freelancing, or eCommerce. A tool with multiple tag features lets you set more targeted and relevant kinds of offers. 

Geo Tagging: 

To show your subscribers much importance, geotagging is simply one of the best features to look for. The geotagging feature lets you search by state, country, or city and at the same time offers you all the detailed geo-information which is necessary to give your task a very feature-packed attribute. 

ActiveCampaign Geo Tagging

Specific Opt-outs: 

A good tool should be able to give you certain messages while staying subscribed to others. This is handy enough in case you have specific offers or promotions.

Specific Autoresponders: 

For an email management tool, it is important to create a different onboarding sequence based on what the subscribers are interested in. It is important to pick a tool that makes it easier for the users. 

Easy integration with sumo and LeadPages: 

Those who work with email management know properly how important it is to pick a tool which goes compatible with the key email capture tools. It is important to get a tool that offers integration support through these popular platforms. 

Recurring revenue affiliate program: 

A recurring commission affiliate program is very efficient for the users who want to recommend something to their readers. This is one of the very common features of most email service providers. 

Migration Help:

Migration help is very important when you want to migrate with your subscribers. Some of the tools come with quite complex migrating options, which makes the entire process very challenging. 

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What does ActiveCampaign have to offer you? 

Similar to any other software, the ActiveCampaign interface has something different to offer you. When you login into the software, it greets you with a dashboard view. 

The dashboard view gives you a glance at subscriber count (‘Active Contacts’) and all the recent activities that took place in your account.

The Sidebar area gives you very quick navigation to the following areas: 

  • Contacts 
  • Automation
  • Campaigns 
  • Forms 
  • Lists
  • Reports 

I will not call the design of the software top-notch. But it is well functioning and rightly does the job. Here is an elaborate view of it: 

ActiveCampaign Contacts: 

The Contacts area in ActiveCampaign is undoubtedly very well-functioning. When you click on Contacts, it brings in front of you a list of all your contacts. 

What did I like about it? 

  • You can easily customize the columns that come upon this page by default. 
  • You can import all your subscribers in bulk. Also, it gives you the option to manually add all your contacts. 
  • It lets you sort by date added so that you can easily see your newest subscribers.
  • With the basic and advanced search features, it is very strong with its activities. Moreover, it is great for creating custom segments.
  • With this one, you can easily apply for the bulk of edits to your subscriber groups that you have filtered. 
  • This software does not charge you for your unsubscribe contacts
  • Sometimes the little profile pics on it get automatically filled, which is very cool.

What do I not like about it? 

  • You cannot make any kind of edits from the screen. You need to click on the individual contacts for this. 
  • The searching and the filtering feature is very slow on it. 
  • By default, the unsubscribed contacts still get shown on the list. 

When you click on an individual contact, you can easily view or edit their information. The system is going to bring in links to the social profiles when it finds a match. Especially when you are using this software for getting more sales for CRM, this feature comes as very useful. 

You are also going to see a feed of the subscribers from the recent activity area. Also, it gives you detailed data on how they have entered into your system, what automation they are currently using or what tags they are assigned to.

ActiveCampaign automation: 

When it comes to Automations, then ActiveCampaign is simply the great one. With easier ways to manage your list and tags along with action-based attributes, ActiveCampaign offers truly very intuitive marketing automation. 

It can take you a little bit more time to understand the whole process on how you can use all the levers and operations. In terms of email automation, this software is simply able to handle everything quite easily. 

ActiveCampaign automation

With its built-in Automation, ActiveCampaign is ready to offer you a plug-in and customize it for all your needs. You can also find pre-built automation like cart follow-ups, product interest tagging, and customer service follow-ups, which makes the entire process very smooth for you. 

You can also modify the Engagement Tagging automation to automatically identify which subscribers are opening your emails and who is not. 

This is very helpful for you if you want to target your interested subscribers more specifically.

What did I like about it? 

  • The automated marketing engine is very powerful. 
  • Offers limitless triggers and logic branching to ensure that the right people are seeing the right message at the right time.
  • You can easily customize this off-the-shelf automation. 
  • You can also pause the automation if needed.

What do I not like about it? 

  • The visual editor is very slow, and it can be struggling to get the view with a bigger picture.
  • Some errors can happen. Thus, the error checks are going to be very helpful.

ActiveCampaign message composing & campaigns: 

For sending an email to your list, you are going to use the Campaigns tab. While you click on it, you are going to be redirected to the screen with a listing of all the broadcast emails that you have sent. 

If you are switching to ActiveCampaign, then you need to start by clicking the “New campaign” button. Here you can choose a name for your campaign and make it correspond with the subject line to decide what type of email you want to send. 

You can use the Standard option for a plain broadcast message. Also, you can set it up with your autoresponder messages based on a variety of triggers. This tool is very powerful, and you can set up completely automated sequences of sales or webinar funnels from here, 

ActiveCampaign comes with several off-the-shelf templates for making the designing of your email pretty much easier. You can easily customize these, or you can add them on your own.

What did I like about it? 

  • The email composer is very straightforward and quite easy to use. 
  • You can easily select your segment of subscribers for sending your emails. 
  • You can schedule messages that you want to send in the future. 
  • It lets you include emojis in your subject lines. 
  • This feature includes reply tracking. 
  • It is very easy to resend your messages to people who didn’t open your email.

What do I not like about it? 

  • The interface is quite slow, which takes time 
  • This interface makes you input your subject line after you write the entire email. It would have been better if it was on the same screen with the message editor.

ActiveCampaign Email List:

The Lists section in the interface can appear a bit confusing at the beginning. However, that’s definitely based on the experience of the use. As it is a tag-based software, in the beginning, it comes with a bit complex setting. 

You can easily create segments for your subscribers based on any number of the criteria that you prefer. By default, all new subscribers get added to this list. On the other hand, when they unsubscribe, they are going to get removed from the list. 

To try out your users, you can send them a re-engagement email. If they respond to it, then you can keep them. Otherwise, you can easily remove the theme. Accessing different types of list segments from here is really very useful.

What did I like about it?

  • Only the active contacts here are coming to count towards your subscriber count to make the billing purpose easy. As they unsubscribe, you aren’t going to get charged for it. 
  • You can view all your pre-saved segments from this screen. Also, it is very useful when you want to recheck what filter you have already used here.

What didn’t I like about it? 

  • Just a bit complex for beginners 

ActiveCampaign building forms: 

The forms in this software are quite very interesting. These forms are simply the ultimate way which takes you to the subscribers for the email list.  

With few simple processes, you can easily create opt-in forms here. Here is how you can do it: 

  • Name your form 
  • Select your form from the field (first name, email address, etc.)
  • Designing with the built-in editor 
  • Commanding ActiveCampaign what to do with the information once entering it.

For each of the forms, you can set a custom thank you page along with actions. You can easily customize with which list to subscribe the person, which tags to add with their record etc.  

For your large variety of forms set up, this tool is well working. But it is definitely not the most beautiful one or a most modern one. For creating more intuitive forms, you can use other integrations. 

However, this tool is easier to use for seeing which forms are the most popular ones. 

What did I like about it?

  • It lets you quickly build and embed all the forms. It is applicable for both the duplicate and existing ones. 
  • You can take different kinds of actions and easily opt for a different type of automation based on which form was filled. 
  • You can quickly see which forms are performing in the best way.

What do I not like about it? 

  • There is no split-testing for the forms.
  • There is no date range or conversion rate for reporting. 
  • The look is not so authentic. However, beauty needs to be a priority here.

ActiveCampaign reporting:

Seeing the reporting on ActiveCampaign is quite easy. It includes the built-in ActiveCampaign report for tracking the growth of subscribers, and also it lets you see how your emails are performing.

The growth is shown with clear lines and steady climbs. It marks the removal of inactive subscribers with little drops in the line. The summary data is also very useful to see. You can click on the New Contacts reports to get a snapshot of the new subscribers who are getting added to your list. 

The “reports” part is very helpful to measure any kind of impact with any of the specific marketing efforts which are drawing traffic to your site. You can use campaign reports for measuring the clickthrough rates from email to email. 

If you look at the chart, it is going to give you both the percentage and raw number for the opens and clicks. The campaign name, on the other hand, comes to be shown on the report.  

The Automation reports are very easy to see as it gives you a complete insight on how your Automations are performing and how the individual messages are working. 

However, there are no date range options, so that if you make any changes, it can be quite hard to measure the impacts. It will have been better if there is more clarity in the report of Contacts report section and Forms section. 

Deliverability of ActiveCampaign: 

In the beginning, you can have a minor problem with deliverability. You can have some problems with certain subscribers opening the messages. I tested with at least 5000 people and had a ZERO number of opens literally. 

However, the problem was soon resolved by the team. I also tried sending the same messages with the same subject line. But the result was also with Zero opens in ActiveCampaigns compared to other email management tools. 

However, the issue resolving team was quick enough to resolve the issue, and people again started receiving emails. I can now see 25- 30 % open rates in overall results. However, according to some of the third-party tests, ActiveCampaign actually has some deliverability compared to any other tool in the market. 

ActiveCampaign Integrations: 

ActiveCampaign is quite reckoned in the market as a brand. At the same time, it is well integrated with anything you want it to. I have tried integrating ActiveCampaign with Sumo, LeadPages, and OptinMonster. The app comes with support for more than 150 popular programs. 

Hence if you are thinking of connecting your ActiveCampaign account with other business tools for your ease, then you can simply do it. 

Now gear up your personal active campaign with your apps. Connect with WordPress, Twitter, Paypal, Facebook, Shopify, Unbounce, and many more.

ActiveCampaign customer support:

ActiveCampaign offers you very robust customer support even with their Lite plan. You can have access to their live chat and email support. What I Feel is, this area could be better with phone support, as it is not there. 

The email and chat responses are quite good. Also, most probably, you are not going to get any kind of major issues. However, if you face any, you can easily ask for help from the team. During the migration, the sales rep Emmet helps you in a very effective way. Also, you can get very dedicated support with an account rep where you can ask specific questions and send emails.  

What are the results after switching to the new ActiveCampaign Automations? 

As I have successfully switched to ActiveCampaign, it is showing me quite a prospective result. I can actually see much higher engagement with reply rates to the new and well-improved welcome sequences. 

Based on the information about the subscribers, the messages are much more relevant than before.

Opens and unsubscribes:

After switching to ActiveCampaign, I have actually seen high-level engagement reports. The report usually comes with two bars from each of the automation, which is interacted and completed. 

The interacted ones usually measure the percentage of people who have opened your message in your sequence. For the most popular sequences, I have seen more interaction rates. 

The completed metric, on the other hand, tracks how many people are making it up to the end of your automation. Also, it makes clear how many unsubscribers you have got during onboarding. I Have seen better completion rates than before, with several popular automation running more than 98%. 

While you click on the specific automation, you can see how individual messages are performing. 

Rate of replies:  

I usually receive 8-10 responses a day to our various welcome messages. I add 100 new subscribers a day. Thus, it is less than a 10% of response rate. But it is still higher than what I Have seen before. 

In case people are writing back, your future messages are more likely going to appear in their inbox. Also, I recommend you try and write back to those replies whenever it is possible.

More profit: 

The income that I earn from this new automation is difficult enough to track as I tried using the same affiliate tracking links in other places on this site. Most of the email content directs users back to the relevant content present on the site. However, the profit is still on a fair scale since I opted for the switch. 

Activecampaign Free Trial

What you see is right. For a very limited time, ActiveCampaign offers a new free trial version. Previously ActiveCampaign offers 30 days trial time period. But now they are offering an unlimited time period. Grab this amazing offer just by clicking the button below.

About ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is even for small business companies that aim to render the necessary utensils firms need to grow their company, save time, and establish a powerful relationship with the customer. With their marketing automation:

  • It helps clients track the activities of people on their sites,
  • It also helps in tracking the accomplishment;
  • It helps in segmenting the audience for sending emails.

Get ActiveCampaign discount code to avail at a low cost.

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ActiveCampaign Features

  • Email Marketing:
    • Subscription Forms: These signup forms help in segmenting the consumers based on their origin and their interests and thus make it easy to follow up.
    • Email Segmentation: Through email segmentation, the messages get more personal and selected, enlightening the right audience with the appropriate information.
    • Dynamic Content: This lets you send emails to various groups with added images and text.
    • Split Testing:  This added feature helps in calculating the amount of click from the email. 
  • Market Automation:
    • Site Tracking: This tracks the visitors that enable you to present facilities or products that they were looking for.
    • Event Tracking: This enables the owner to see or track the actions of people on their apps or websites.
    • Automation Goals: Set the direction for your contacts to achieve specific goals and see how the goals are achieved.
    • Automation Map: Locate and edit your automation according to the required strategies and see the way they connect with each other.
    • Attribution: This lets the clients discover the high-performing marketing channel easily for selling purposes.
    • Split Action: This enables you to use customized options and track what automation performs better.
  • Sales & CRM:
    • Gmail Chrome Extension: This will let the client track the number of times emails are opened by contacts, thereby keeping updated with the chrome extension.
    • Lead Scoring: This lets you track the engagement with customers and follow up only with the essential one.
    • Mobile App: Manage your team and deal with the app.
  • Messaging:
    • Text Message and SMS Marketing: This connects with contacts when they are out of the internet service area.
    • Site Messaging: Offering deals and updates when a visitor engaged in the site.
  • Machine Learning:
    • Predictive Content and Sending: Write several contents for various contacts as they will send the appropriate one at the most appropriate engaging time.
activecampaign discount code

Benefits of ActiveCampaign Over Others?

They offer their customers excellent quality customer services and thus helps in maintaining premium relations with the contacts; they also amalgamate data from several sources which in turn helps in business growth.

They automate the total market with a series of welcome messages through email that helps in market segmentation and finding the most engaged contact and their interest. I almost covered full information in this ActiveCampaign review. For more info click here

ActiveCampaign Alternatives

ActiveCampaign is one of the popular Email Marketing tool. It comes with a substantial set of features that enable you automation recipes that are pre-built automation templates, making it easy to build Emails. However, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why it’s worth exploring ActiveCampaign alternatives before you commit.

In general, it’s hard to fault in ActiveCampaign. The below tools offer similar features and performance, along with some of their own advantages.

ActiveCampaign Review Verdict

Their automation lets the entire sales process flow smoothly, prioritizing leads, and removing ordinary tasks away. So, undoubtedly ActiveCampaign is the best to maintain relationships with consumers.

After spending a month on ActiveCampaign, I Have come to the conclusion that it is worth using and really very appreciable as an email management software. If you are looking for an email marketing tool with a huge number of features at a great price, then you can definitely look forward to joining this platform. 

Like any other email service provider, it includes both the pros and cons, but for heavy-duty performance, it is definitely well functional and adds value to your marketing task.

I hope this ActiveCampaign review has given you enough information. cheers.

ActiveCampaign FAQ’s

How much is discount for Activecampaign non-profits?

Activecampaign offers a 20% discount for non-profits. To avail the discount contact the ActiveCampaign team with proof of non-profit status

How to integrate Activecampaign form into wordpress?

Click Plugins icon in the sidebar -> Add New -> Look for ActiveCampaign -> Install now -> Activate.

Does ActiveCampaign offer free tools?

Yes, ActiveCampaign offers some free tools to all. These free marketing tools help you do better marketing and thrive your business. ActiveCampaign free tools are subject line generator, webinar templates, blackfriday tool kit, freelancer resources, saas home page audit, CRM template, calculate cart abandonment, content templates, social media calender, No generator and more.

Does ActiveCampaign provides Military discounts?

Yeah, ActiveCampaign provides an extra 20% OFF on all Non-Profits organizations. Just mail the ActiveCampaign support team regarding your organizations. They help out you with your discounted order.

Does ActiveCampaign provides all features in free trial?

ActiveCampaign trial period is 14 days. While trials are more limited than paid accounts, you will be able to try most of our features.

What is ActiveCampaign Free Trial?

ActiveCampaign offers 14 days free trial period to all new customers. You can enjoy almost all the features during this 14 days period. No card details are required to set up. Completely free and instant setup.

How to avail ActiveCampaign discount code?

Follow the below steps to avail the maximum discounts.

  • Go to the ActiveCampaign website. “Sign In” or “LOGIN” is required.
  • Click on Pricing in the header section. Then select the plan you want to order.
  • Then click the Order Now button. You will be redirected to the checkout page.
  • Paste the coupon code in the coupon section.
  • After entering the discount code, you will see a discount on the total price.

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