Anstrex Review: Anstrex Coupon Code, Features

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Anstrex Coupon Code & Discounts

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About Anstrex

Now, you have the potential to unlock native advertising secrets. Building winning campaigns have become easier at present because you can spy on your competitors. With Anstrex Native, you can expect more for whatever you are spending on advertising; it saves you time in terms of research, gives you more data compared to any other type of spying tool, and also helps you to make superior landing pages rapidly. 


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Now you can receive insights into the ad campaigns of your competitors from 27 native ad networks. Some of its features are:

Unmatched data

More ad Networks

Compared to any spy tool, you will find more native ad networks, including the region-specific niche networks and also the global players.

More Countries

It has data from all the major countries of the world and makes use of top-quality residential proxies for obtaining more correct data.

More Data

Over millions of od data are available from an uncountable number of publishers and advertisers at your disposal. Additionally, the data is available in an understandable format.

Exceptional searching potential

An array of filters and sorting options

Various filters like category, ad-network, country, affiliate network, device, and more are there. You can sort the ads based on duration, popularity, dates, etc.

Keyword searches

The keyword searches can be combined with filters, and also foreign language ads can be searched.

Advanced Boolean searching

Superior searching capability is there, and the filtering and search criteria can be combined by using the Boolean operators.

Awesome landing page tools

Rip and download

The in-built downloader can be used for scraping the landing page. The efficiency can be maximized by queueing several downloads.

Speedy in-line editing

The robust HTML editor can be used for customizing the lander. You can swap images, edit text, links, etc.

Rapid deployment on server

The customized lander can be uploaded directly to your server through FTP.

Detailed campaign visualization

See what is working

A massive number of publishers are monitored by them so that you can get a complete picture of which kind of targets work for advertisers.

Campaign insights

Any campaign can be segmented by geo-target, device, traffic source, and understand the ways to target campaigns.

Related ads and landing pages

All the relevant landing pages and ads can be found for any campaign.

Anstrex Push

You can discover all that functions in push advertising. At present, you can spy on the top advertisers that dominate the push notification ads. It offers more data compared to any other tool. The entire campaign is right at your fingertips. You have better access to the cloaked pages, and it facilitates visibility into CPC history and bids. The features are:

Supreme data

More advertisement networks

If you compare it with any other spy tool, more ad networks are present in it, including the world players and niche networks that are region-specific.

Greater number of countries

It possesses data from most of the countries and uses top-notch residential proxies to earn more accurate data.

More data

More than millions of data are available from numerous publishers and advertisers right at your disposal. Moreover, the data is presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Enhanced searching potential

A wide array of filters and sorting options

Several filters are there to use like category, ad-network, country, affiliate network, device, and many more. The ads can be sorted based on duration, popularity, dates, etc., too.

Keyword searches

You can search keywords by the application of filters or look for foreign language ads.

Advanced Boolean search mechanism

A robust searching potential is there, and Boolean operators can be used for combining filtering and search criteria.

Superior landing page tools

Rip and download

You can use the in-built downloader to scrape the landing page. You can queue multiple downloads to maximize efficiency.

Quick in-line editing

You can use the powerful HTML editor to customize the lander. You can swap images, edit text, links, and a lot more.

Fast deployment on server

You can quickly upload the customized lander directly to the server via FTP.

Insightful campaign visualization

Check what is working and whatnot

A huge number of publishers can be tracked by them. Hence, you can receive the entire picture of what type of targets accurately work for the advertisers out there.

Insights to the campaigns

You can segment any campaign by geo-target, device, traffic source, and get a clear understanding about the ways to target it.

Actual CPC Bids

For genuine campaigns, you can easily find CPC bids, along with the history.

Anstrex Dropship

The secrets of successful drop-shippers are revealed here. Now, you can establish a money-making drop-shipping business. All the hot drop-shipping products can be found; you can automate business with the chrome extension of Antrex Dropship. It is possible to browse several retail stores and understand their secrets. The features are:

Unparalleled data

Supplier catalog

The dropship supplier catalog has superior searching capabilities.

Retail store insights

You can get genuine drop-shipping stores that generate multi-million-dollar yearly revenue.

Viral hot products

You get to learn about the latest dropship stores that are making huge social interest and following on several social media websites.

Incredible searching capabilities

A plethora of filters and sorting options

You can find and search the data that you are hunting for, making use of the sorting and filter options that do not exist on the supplier websites.

Find hot products quickly

Data-driven recommendations are there, and they will work effectively.

Advanced Boolean Searching

For all advanced users, the incredible searching potential is there. The Boolean operators will be put to use for combining the various filtering and search.

Full automation

Adding products

With a few clicks, products can be added quickly and customized data.

Supplier ordering

The chrome browser automates and simplifies the ordering process with their suppliers.

Managing inventory

It gives you a notification about the price changes and supplier inventory levels.

Competitor marketing tactics

See what works

The retail store insights will tell you about which dropship products are working well.

Traffic sources

The best sources can be found for any of the products and any vertical.

Monthly traffic and ranking data

You can receive monthly traffic reports based on your competitors.

Anstrex Pricing & Plans

Anstrex Native Pricing & Plans

  • Anstrex Native Only Solo cost is $69.99/mon.
  • Anstrex Bundle & Save Native+Push Plan cost is $139.99/mon.
  • Anstrex Ultimate Combo & Savings Native+Push+Pop cost is $219.99/mon.

Anstrex Pros & Cons


  • Anstrex provides a money-back guarantee.
  • It is easy to understand.
  • It is worth the price.
  • It has a database from multiple countries.
  • Competitor Analysis.


  • The support team will not be available for 24/7.
  • There is no free trial.
  • When using the tool for the first time, you may have difficulty understanding it.

Anstrex Alternatives

The top alternatives of Anstrex are listed below.

  • Ortto
  • Swydo
  • Reveal
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Planful
  • Informer

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