Bright Data Proxy Review | Is It Worthy? Bright Data Discount Code (Formerly Luminati)

Do you require any proxy service sellers? Are you still puzzled among the various proxy sellers that will make your work easy? Then this Luminati Proxy Review will be very helpful to you, as it introduces you to Luminati proxy services. Also, use the Bright Data discount code to avail maximum discounts.

My experience with Bright Data Proxy

Earlier, for managing my online accounts, I required adequate proxy services for my operations and business. Then I came to know about Luminati proxy service providers from one of my friends. As soon as I connected with them, with their Static Residential IPS and Luminati’s Residential IPS, specially designed for account management needs, helped me with my problem. Currently, I am using this proxy service. It is very good. (10 Residential Proxies Free Trial )

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Bright Data is providing online data and extraction tools for free to relevant researchers, scientists, universities, or hospitals in order to support the fight against Covid-19. With these tools, you can now reach and address any digital data related to your research requirement.

Luminati FREE Covid-19

What is Bright Data?

Bright Data proxy is a company that helps you to connect innumerable devices through their P2P (point-to-point) network. They incentivize the users through their SDK and provide ad-free applications, 40,000,000 IPs, etc. Thousands of corporations and businesses are currently using Bright Data’s proxy network in accordance to improve their operations. 


Bright Data Proxy Services

Bright Data provides the following networks for their users:

Data Center Proxy Network: Bright Data has been successfully providing the most advanced data center network, which offers multiple IP types all over the world sharing IP pool.  Some of their IPs types are-

  • Shared IPs
  • Individual IPs
  • Exclusive IPs

Static Residential IPS Network: They have rendered the first static residential IPs network that allows you to own authentic-IPs in multiple countries throughout the world. The services include-

  • Lifetime IPs
  • Shared or exclusive
  • Never get blocked

Residential Proxies: The most upgraded residential proxy services have been provided by Bright Data proxy for the past years. It offers the largest and fastest real-peer IP network across the world. Following are the services-

  • Extensive coverage
  • Simple
  • No boundaries

Mobile Proxy Network: Bright Data proxy service providers offer the broadest and fastest original-peer 4G/3G IPs network all over the world. The following are their services-

  • Simple
  • Affiliate link tester
  • No boundaries

Apart from the networks, Bright Data also provides the following tools that are very easy to use. To name some of them are:

  1. Proxy API
  2. Bright Data Proxy Manager
  3. Unblocker
  4. Chrome Extension
  5. Data Collection Automation (DCA)
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Bright Data Pricing

Bright Data has a different pricing structure for different services. Are you feeling the price is a bit high, then use the Bright Data discount code to get at a low cost.

  • Data Center proxies
    • For +700k IPs ($065 per IP)
    • Up to 800 IPs ($060 per IP, $500/month)
    • Up to 1,800 IPs ($055 per IP, $1,000/month)
    • Up to 13,300 IPs ($045 per IP, $6,000/month)
  • Static Residential proxies
    • Up to 1,000 IPs ($1250 per GB, $500/month)
    • Up to 6,800 IPs ($850 per GB, $3,400/month)
    • Up to 12,000 IPs ($600 per GB, $6,000/month)
    • Up to 60,000 IPs ($300 per GB, $30,000/month)
  • Residential proxies
    • For 40 GBs ($1250 per GB, $500/month)
    • For 400 GBs ($850 per GB, $3,400/month)
    • For 1TB (($600 per GB, $6,000/month)
    • For 10 TBs ($300 per GB, $30,000/month)   
  • Mobile proxies
    • For 16 GBs ($3000 per GB, $500/month)
    • For 35 GBs ($2800 per GB, $1,000/month)
    • For 125 GBs ($ 2600 per GB, $3,400/month)
    • For 250 GBs ($2400 per GB, $6,000/month)
Bright Data-price

Bright Data Alternatives

Bright Data is one of the largest proxy services with a residential proxy network of 72M IPs worldwide and a proxy management interface for zero codings. It is a powerful way to browse anonymously from anywhere across the globe. However, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why it’s worth exploring Bright Data alternatives before you commit.

In general, it’s hard to fault in Bright Data. The below tools offer similar features and performance, along with some of their own advantages.

  • Smart Proxy
  • Oxylabs
  • Storm Proxies
  • GeoSurf
  • Instant Proxies

How is Bright Data proxy Service Providers most effective?

Bright Data is one of the best proxy service sellers in the world. They provide the most effective, fastest, unlimited, and open sources for their customers. They use the most advanced technology in accordance to meet the needs of the users. Previously, they have successfully provided services for brand protection, SEO monitoring, e-commerce, etc. For more info about Bright Data proxy click here

Bright Data proxy Review Verdict

Hence, it can be claimed that Bright Data provides the best proxy services. I recommend you to contact them regarding any proxy issue, and I guarantee that you won’t regret it later. Hope this review article has cleared all your doubts. For more clarifications click here

Bright Data FAQ’s

How much I can save using the Bright Data Discount Code?

Till now I could see the maximum discount on Bright Data is 45% OFF. So you can save up to 45% using the Bright Data discount code. These offers will not last a long time. Also mostly you will see these types of offers on some special days. Anyways, our team has updated the day before. all discount codes. Go check it out in the Bright Data discount code section and enjoy these amazing discounts.

Can I apply multiple discount codes at the same time?

No, you cannot apply multiple discount codes at the same time. So use the maximum offer Bright Data discount code during the time of checkout.

What is Bright Data Promo Code?

Bright Data promo code is a shortcode that is used while ordering Bright Data in order to get a discount on the price. If you are looking for a Bright Data promo code then check the above coupons & discounts sections.

How to Use the Bright Data Coupon Code?

To grab Bright Data coupons follow these steps.

  • Go to coupons website on the internet.
  • Click on the button “show coupon code“.
  • After clicking the button you will see a dialog box popping out. Just copy the Bright Data coupon code shown there.
  • Also, a new window will open, redirecting to the Bright Data website.
  • Paste the Bright Data coupon code while ordering in the coupon area.
  • That’s it you got the discounted price.

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