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Are you searching for the best website builder for WordPress? Then, this content is very helpful for you. It aims to introduce you to Elementor pro, which is a site builder for WordPress that makes your website attractive and beautiful. For the Elementor promo code check the coupons section below.

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Verified Elementor Pro Coupons & Special Offers

Here are the all latest deals offered by Elementor. These offers & discounts are 100% working and verified by our team. You can get up to 40% discount using the below offers. These apply to all Elementor users.

Elementor Pro Activation for 3 Websites Costs 99 USD Only

Activate Elementor pro page builder plugin for 3 websites for 99 USD. This is Elementor’s special pricing. This plugin plan is best suited for small agencies and business owners.

With this page builder plan, you get

  • All pro features
  • Premium support 
  • Website kits

33% OFF on Elementor Hello Theme

Hello, Theme includes a comprehensive package for building a WordPress website, consisting of the theme, WordPress hosting, a page builder, and support. The Basic plan of Hello Theme, including the theme, page builder, and hosting, is priced at $14.99 per month. The discounted price is $9.99. You are getting $5 off. Grab this offer now.

Elementor Starter Theme$0 Only

Get the perfect WordPress starter “Hello” theme for Free. This Elementor theme is apt for beginners. You can build and customize your website easily with the Hello theme. Click the below button and download the theme now.

Elementor Pro Promo Code Details

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you the Elementor Pro promo code now. We can offer 2 active deals only. Many websites mention fake Elementor Pro promo codes and coupon codes. Some fake promotional codes are “10FORYOU” and “20FORYOU”. These codes are not working. We, experts, do not recommend wasting time using them.

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Elementor Cloud Website Builder for just 99 USD

Get an Elementor cloud website builder plan for just $99/year. No hidden fee is included. You get a free Elementor editor and hosting in this package. Best suitable for solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. Elementor will do all the work.

With this cloud website builder plan, you get

  • All Elementor Pro plugin features
  • Google Cloud Platform hosting
  • CMS tools

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Elementor Essential Plan for just $49/year

Get the Elementor pro page builder plugin Essential plan for just $49/year. All the Elementor Pro features are activated for only 1 website with this plan. This plan is best suitable for beginners.

With this essential plan, you get

  • All pro features
  • Premium support 
  • Website kits

Elementor Expert Plan for just $199/year

Get the Elementor pro page builder plugin expert plan for just $199/year. All the Elementor pro features are activated for only 25 websites with this plan. This plan is best suitable for beginners and solo entrepreneurs.

With this essential plan, you get

  • All pro features
  • Premium support 
  • expert website kits
  • Elementor expert profile 

Elementor Studio Plan for just $299/year

Get Elementor pro page builder plugin studio plan for just $299/year. The actual price is $499. Currently, a special offer is running on this plan.

All the Elementor PRO features are activated for 100 websites with a studio plan. This plan is best suitable for growing agencies & entrepreneurs.

With this studio plan, you get

  • All pro features
  • VIP support
  • Expert website kits 
  • Elementor expert profile 

Elementor Agency Plan for just $999/year

Get Elementor pro page builder plugin essential plan for just $999/year. All the Elementor pro features are activated for 1000 websites with this plan. This plan is best suitable for big agencies and companies.

With this essential plan, you get

  • All pro features
  • VIP support
  • Expert website kits 
  • Elementor expert profile 

Elementor 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Get a 30-day money-back guarantee on Elementor Pro, Elementor page builder plugins, and Elementor cloud website builder. So if you have any issues all your money will be refunded back with no special conditions or restrictions.

Does Elementor Offer Special Discounts for Students?

Are you on the hunt for exclusive Elementor discounts tailored for students? We reached out to the Elementor marketing team to inquire about potential special benefits for students, They replied that Elementor does not currently offer any specific discounts for students.

Unlock substantial savings by staying tuned to our blog during key promotional periods. Make a note to save up to 40% during promotional events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and June 1st. , as these special occasions bring with them incredible discounts of up to 40%. This is your chance to seize significant savings and elevate your Elementor.

Make the most of these exclusive opportunities to enhance your Elementor journey. Keep an eye on our blog for updates on the latest promotions, ensuring you never miss out on the chance to optimize your Elementor experience while enjoying substantial savings.

Does Elementor Offer a Black Friday Coupon? How Much Discount is Possible?

Elementor black friday sale

Yes, Elementor offers a Black Friday coupon. Every year sale starts a few days before 22nd Nov and ends on Black Friday. You see the biggest deals and offers from Elementor during this time. It is always suggested to order an Elementor plan during this time.

You get a discount up to 50% during Black Friday. You will find the best offers on Elementor page builder, Elementor cloud website, and strattic plans. Know more about the Elementor Black Friday coupons by clicking the below button.

Can I Get Elementor Cyber Monday Discounts?

Elementor Pro costs from $49 to $999 depending on your requirements per year. During the Elementor Cyber Monday sale, you will be able to save up to 50% on various plans. So you get up to 50% discounted price. Know more about the sale.

Does Elementor Offer a Birthday SALE? Is it Legit or Fake

Yes, they offer a Birthday SALE. Get Elementor during the annual birthday sale! Celebrate with huge savings on Elementor Cloud and Elementor Pro plans.

Get up to 60% OFF on your Elementor orders. Limited-time SALE. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee too.

Elementor Free Basic Plan

Avail Elementor for free. This is a starter plan. You will not get all the pro version features. This plan includes free templates of around 20. The Pro plan includes 40+ templates. The following are features, this plan does not contain

  • No pro widgets & No pro templates
  • No Theme builder
  • No WooCommerce Builder,
  • No Popups
  • No support
  • No updates
elementor basic plan pricing

Simple Steps to Redeem Elementor Coupon Code

Just follow the below steps to redeem the Elementor coupon code.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Elementor or click here. Now click on Pricing.

Step 2: Choose one of the Elementor pricing plans which suits best your business needs and click on the Buy Now button.

Step 3: You will be asked to create an account. Enter your email address & password and click on Create an account.

Step 4: Enter your coupon code ELEMENTOR10 in the Discount code field and fill in the required details to complete the payment process.

Step 5: That’s it. You will get your maximum discount.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a front-end website builder for WordPress. Their professional designers take full responsibility for your sites and try to complete their projects faster than anybody. They are web professionals and take care of every minor issue that needs to change.  

The Elementor reaches over 180 countries and has 4,000,000+ active installs. They decide to offer more accessible substitutes and the right solutions for every type of site. For more info click here


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Features of Elementor:

Elementor has several features. They are:

Drag & Drop Live Editor

Elementor has the fastest editor in WordPress. They just drag, drop, and customize.

Workflow Optimization

Using Elementor, you can control all fonts and colors globally. There are many templates created by designers. The feature makes it easy to build, customize, and manage all your website’s essential content from one place.     

100+ Widgets

There are dozens of widgets available for you to choose from. You can select whichever widget you need to create your content such as headlines, forms, buttons, star ratings, Divider, etc.


Elementor is offering a live editor so that you can easily customize and modify the look and feel of your e-commerce store. From the first interaction of the visitor to the last, every page of your online store can be customized.    

Marketing Platform

There are more than 300 amazingly crafted templates, which are suitable for different industries and needs.

Elementor + WordPress

The only all-in-one platform where you can build professional WordPress websites is Elementor, which was built with open-source values.

Advanced Web Creation

As a result of using Elementor, you’ll have access to a wide array of advanced features, such as Dynamic Content, Motion Effects, Custom Styles and more. With advanced CSS and custom code, you can completely customize every aspect of your website.

Speed & Performance

You can make the background of your website more attractive and beautiful by adding interesting background videos.

Elementor Canvas

Opt for the Elementor canvas template in accordance to design your site’s entire landing page without worrying about the header or footer.

Responsive Editing

Customization has become very easy with responsive editing. Design webpage for any screen size and create pixel-perfect websites on any device, with zero coding required.

Popup Builder

Create an engaging audience with popups. Elementor popups include advanced targeting options also convert leads on the spot with Elementor’s custom forms, built-in form submissions & integrations.

Theme Builder

You can edit each part of the site very easily. No section is off-limits. Now design and manage all essential parts of the page with maximum control.

WooCommerce Builder

Using the Elementor WooCommerce Builder, Easily design your single product and archive page templates visually and without coding.

Additional Features

Elementor Pro has some additional features. They are as follows:

  1. Popup builder: With the popup builder of Elementor Pro, you can freely create pixel-perfect popups, along with advanced targeted options.
  2. Theme builder: You can edit each part of your website without any code by using Elementor’s industry-leading theme builder.
  3. Testimonial carousel widget: By adding a rotating testimonial carousel of your supportive and trusted customers, you can increase your industry’s/ business’ social proof.
  4. WordPress comments widget: You can add a column for the visitors to leave their opinions or comments on your pages and posts. This way, you can stay connected to them.
  5. Share buttons: Add a share button for your audience to help them to share your content to their near ones and across several popular social media platforms.

Hiring a freelance Elementor developer can help businesses set up Elementor Pro for the first time, optimize an existing Elementor implementation, and integrate Elementor with other tools and platforms for seamless workflows and data synchronization.

The propaganda of the company:

  1. Website tutorials: The website tutorials are used for various purposes like:
    1. To create a blog website
    2. To create an artist website
    3. To create an event website
    4. To create an eCommerce website
  2. Template Library: 150+ attractive templates could be created for:
    1. Landing page- hotel
    2. Homepage- agency
    3. Travel- home page
    4. Digital agency- services
  3. 3rd party Elementor add-ons: Several third-party add-ons are available for better exploration, such as:
    1. Envato elements
    2. Ultimate addons
    3. Powerpack
    4. Essential add-ons

Elementor Pro Pricing & Plans

Choose the best plan that suits you. Elementor offers

  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.
  • Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
Elementor PlansPrice
Elementor Pro plugin download and Install$49/yearMore details
Build & publish a hosted Elementor website$89/yearMore details

Explore Elementor Pro Plugin for Multiple Websites

Elementor Website Builder + Hosting Plan

A fully integrated solution with the ability to build websites and host them on the cloud

  • Elementor cloud websites include website builder, Hosting with all the CMS tools.
  • It has a 30-Day money-back guarantee.
  • It costs $99/mon.

Elementor has different pricing schemes for different plans. The price starts at $49 and ranges to $199. Grab the Elementor Pro plan that suits you.

Elementor PlansPrice
Elementor Essential Plan (1 pro site) $49/yearMore Details
Elementor Expert Plan (25 pro sites) $199/yearMore Details
Elementor Stuidio Plan (100 pro sites)$499/yearMore Details
Elementor Agency Plan (1000 pro sites)$999/yearMore Details

Elementor Strattic Plans & Pricing

Elementor Strattic Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Elementor Monthly Starter plan costs $39/mon.
  • Elementor Monthly Professional plan costs $99/mon.
  • Elementor Monthly Business plan costs $299/mon.
  • Elementor Monthly Enterprise plan cost varies from plan to plan.

Elementor Strattic Annual Pricing Plans

  • Elementor Annual Starter plan costs $32.5/mon.
  • Elementor Annual Professional plan costs $82.5/mon.
  • Elementor Annual Business plan costs $249.5/mon.
  • Elementor Annual Enterprise plan cost varies from plan to plan.

Strattic 14-Day Free Trial

A free trial is one of the best options by which we can test all the plans and decide which plan suits the best for your business needs. Elementor Strattic is offering a 14-day Free trial. No credit card is required. Grab the trial period by using the below button.

Elementor AI Pricing & Plans

The Elementor AI offers a revolutionary way of creating websites using AI technology, enabling users to generate unique layouts, text, images, and code effortlessly.

  • AI Starter Plan: It costs $2.99/mo, billed annually at $35.88. Includes 18,000 credits, 30 days history storage.
  • AI Power Plan: It costs $8.25/mo, billed annually at $99. Includes 50,000 credits, 90 days of history storage.

Elementor Image Optimizer

Elevate your website performance and SEO with Elementor Image Optimizer.

  • Elementor Image Optimizer free trial costs $0/mon
  • Elementor Image Optimizer 5K costs $4.16/mon
  • Elementor Image Optimizer 20K costs $8.33/mon
  • Elementor Image Optimizer 100K costs $16.66/mon

Efficiency of Elementor

From the information mentioned above of Elementor, it is clear that they are the best site builder on WordPress. With their expert designers, they help you in theme customization, marketing, post & portfolio, eCommerce, and several other fields for better and beautifully designed websites.

Elementor Alternatives

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress website builder. It comes with a substantial set of features that enable you to build a stunning website without touching a line of code. However, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why it’s worth exploring Elementor theme alternatives before you commit.

In general, it’s hard to fault Elementor. It’s fast and responsive, boosting your mobile conversions and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. These six website builders offer similar features and performance, along with some of their own advantages.

Elementor FAQ’s

What is Elementor Pro discount code?

Elementor pro discount code is a small piece of code that helps to get a discounted price on your order by pasting the code on the checkout page.

What is diffrence between Elementor and Elementor Pro?

Elementor is a free basic plan which can be used by all. Whereas Elementor Pro is not free. You need to buy the Elementor Pro plan. In Elementor Pro you will have three plans namely personal, Plus, and expert. And the cost of these starts at $49/year and ranges to $199/year.

Can we transfer the Elementor Pro license key from one domain to another domain?

Yes, we can transfer the Elementor Pro license key from one domain to another domain. We just need to deactivate Elementor Pro from the previous domain and activate it in the new one.

What payment methods do Elementor accept?

Here are the payment methods Elementor accepts: Stripe, PayPal, or any credit card.

Does Elementor offer demo version?

Elementor only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and no questions are asked during the refund. They also provide a lifelong free plan where you get 40+ widgets for free. If you are satisfied with the free plan then you can choose a paid plan.

What are the benifits of Elementor expert network profile?

The Elementor Experts network connects and collaborates with all the marketers, designers, developers, and other web creators.

It’s the perfect place to hire or get hired if you’re a professional web designer. 

Showcase your finest designs, developments, and marketing projects with the Elementor Expert product! Choose from our Expert, Studio, and Agency plans.

How much is Elementor Pro lifetime price?

Currently, Elementor is offering only annual plans. Elementor Pro is not offering lifetime plans on any of its products. If you are looking for annual pricing details check here.

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