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Are you looking for stylishly designed web templates? Looking for a Toolkit for your website with professional plugins? Then check out Looking for a Crocoblock discount code? Scroll down to the coupons section.

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FREE JetFormBuilder Plugins

Meet a new FREE plugin JetFormBuilder from Crocoblock. This form builder is from Gutenberg. It is an 18 field block that allows you to create a form from scratch or you can reassemble the existing one. you can also combine this plugin with JetStyleManager, and you’ll be able to style every form field.

Crocoblock Pricing & Plans

Crocoblock Pricing for 1 Website

Crocoblock Pricing for 1 Website
  • Crocoblock E-Commerce plan cost $80 per year 1 website
  • Crocoblock design plan cost $80 per year 1 website
  • Crocoblock dynamic plan cost $85 per year 1 website
  • Crocoblock yearly plan cost $130 for unlimited websites
  • Crocoblock lifetime plan cost $750 unlimited website.

Crocoblock Pricing for Unlimited Websites

Crocoblock Pricing for Unlimited Websites
  • Crocoblock E-Commerce plan cost $165 per year for unlimited websites
  • Crocoblock design plan cost $165 per year for unlimited websites
  • Crocoblock dynamic plan cost $175 per year for unlimited websites
  • Crocoblock yearly plan cost $265 for unlimited websites
  • Crocoblock lifetime plan cost $750 for unlimited websites.

Crocoblock hosts multiple price plans for you to choose from. If you’re planning for a single website per year, you have three plan options. The first one is the crocoblock design plan, which consists of tools to serve content-rich projects.

The second one is the crocoblock Multi-tool plan, for the ones seeking to create complex websites using the advanced toolset.

The third one is the crocoblock E-commerce plan, specially created to aid the websites for online business stores.

The same three plans with a slight intensification in price can be bought for creating unlimited websites in a year. Apart from these, Crocoblock also brings to you two all-inclusive plans, namely Yearly All Plugins, offering all their tools for unlimited websites per year, and Lifetime All Plugin, to access all their website making tools for a lifetime.

Crocoblock WooCommerce Shop Template Pricing

Get a dynamic WooCommerce template by Crocoblock. Using this you can create online shops very easily ad efficiently. What does that mean for a freelance web-developer or growing web agency?

  • Crocoblock WooCommerce Shop Template costs $130/year
  • Crocoblock WooCommerce Shop Template costs $130/year with unlimited projects
  • Crocoblock WooCommerce Shop Template costs $130/lifetime
  • Using this you can build bigger online stores (important highlight: without losing quality) and get huge profit out. Crocoblock WooCommerce template goes pre-coded.
  • You focus on what exactly matters. This template is made from JetPlugins only. So, you will not see any compatibility among the variety of third-party plugins.
  • You will get the best support from the Crocoblock team. Having the whole project made with Crocoblock, you always know who to address to get help.

What is Crocoblock?

Crocoblock is well-known for the versatile tools it provides to website creators so that their website building experience can become easier, faster, and stress-free. They let you produce dynamic layouts for e-commerce websites as well.


Crocoblock Products

Crocoblock offers the best themes, plugins, widgets. They also provide free WordPress theme KAVA. They also provide many plugins for free. These WordPress plugins and themes provide you 100% performance.

  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Templates
  • Themes

Crocoblock Plugins

Crocoblock provides around 18 plugins. Their JetProductgallery and Jetmenu are one of the best in the market. Personally, I used these two. The performance is high.

Crocoblock Widgets

Crocoblock provides 150+ widgets. Right from the Advance carousel to product widgets. They provide attractive and lightweight buttons, Pricing tables, Sliders, Progress bars, and many more. these are very well compatible with your WordPress website.

Crocoblock Templates

You can ask the Crocoblock team to customize and design your website as per your choice. Crocoblock provides 3 different types of templates. they are

  • Premade websites
  • Popup bundles
  • Website models

Crocoblock FREE Download

Crocoblock Freemium: For all the customers crocoblock provide free plugins, templates, and tools. Using crocoblock provides no coding skills. Everything here is drag and drop. Keep multiple columns and make your website fully responsive. You can use their toolkit to design blogs, with exclusive effects and get your audience glued to your page. You instruct, they serve.

Crocoblock Kava WordPress Theme

Crocoblock offers you plentiful widgets and eye-candy effects to design inimitable and attractive websites for your business. This website is 100% free of cost. You can download it now.

Crocoblock Alternatives

Crocoblock is one of the popular toolkit for building WordPress websites with Elementor. It is a very effective way to build a website without any web design or coding expertise. However, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why it’s worth exploring Crocoblock alternatives before you commit.

In general, it’s hard to fault in Crocoblock. The below tools offer similar features and performance, along with some of their own advantages.

  • Wix
  • Mailchimp 
  • Squarespace
  • LayersWP
  • Adobe XD

Crocoblock FAQ’s

Does Crocoblock provide a money-back option?

Crocoblock provides a 30-days money-back guarantee if customers are discontented with their products. Crocoblock undeniably succeeds to notch up the website creating an experience by manifolds.

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