Nautical Review: Shocking Facts About iRocker Nautical SUP

Nautical Review

Nautical Review: Facts need to Know before Buying

  • Recommended for entry-level paddlers.
  • Very Lightweight, just 20 lbs.
  • There is no action mount for GoPro’s
  • Generally, we see 2 years warranty, but the nautical giving a 1-year warranty.
  • You can see a bit of low quality due to the Double-layer composite.
  • No wheeled backpack. This sup board not recommended for fishing, D-rings are 13.
  • After using this I feel that this is a decent sup board to compete with all the cheap Amazon knockoffs. Or if you add an extra $150 then you can get high-quality long-life sup boards brands (Thurso surf or iRocker)

NAUTICAL is a brand-new stand-up paddle boards specifically designed for newbies. The design looks stunning, sleek, and straight-forward stand-up paddle board. If you are looking to buy Isup for newbies, then this could be the game-changer Isup without a doubt. Its soft and Comfortable deck pad makes paddler’s ride effortless.

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Nautical Review: Pros & Cons


  • NAUTICAL is affordable. The cost is very less.
  • Fiber Glass, Ultra Light Adjustable Travel Paddle.
  • It’s very easy to inflate/deflate. Everything easily fits in the backpack
  • Premium Look
  • Best for Newbies who want to have some fun
  • Good storage place
  • Great mobility
  • One year warranty
  • 60 days guarantee
  • Cost : $349


  • Durability is low. But for $349 it is best.
  • Not best for multiple paddlers
  • Serious paddlers cannot enjoy much.
  • Not best for long adventures
  • No wheeled backpack

Nautical team figures out all the challenges faced by newbies. So designed a new look for the Nautical stand-up paddleboard which can overcome all challenges for paddlers. This will be user-friendly for all those new users. It will simplify all the problems faced by newbies.

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Nautical Review: Factors that will impress all paddlers

Affordable ISup Board

There are some shocking facts about ISUP’s. According to the survey, it is reported that 60% of people will back step after looking at the price of ISUP’s. (Thurso surf coupon code)

It is mentioned that many people’s concern is more about investing more money into water sports equipment they were not sure they would love. For such users Nautical ISUP’s are perfect.

Nautical boards are made at a very low cost. They made design compromising the bit in quality and durability.

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The all-new, super-awesome NAUTICAL board package is only $349! It comes complete with all of this:

Stronger ISup Board

Nautical is built up and designed in such a way to give toughness and a strong feeling for all its customers.

Dual-Layer Layer Military Grade Drop Stitch Material adds up to an ultra-tough and durable board that will stand up to dents and dings for many years.

The 32 inches width will give you perfect stability for all paddlers.

You compare the isup with other brands that are of similar cost. You definitely feel the Nautical boards are stronger and tough.

Better ISup Board

There are many features that you will feel better about Nautical.

The size, 10.6 inches long and 32 inches wide will give the perfect board for new learners.

It is also very lightweight, Just 20 pounds.

It has a large storage area in front of the board. Three Flip Lock Fins are used to adjust fins according to conditions.

It has a very good quality backpack. NAUTICAL board package includes a single chamber dual-action hand pump. They are giving you a year’s warranty.

Reviews Form Nautical SUP Buyers

Nautical Review

Nautical Inflatable Sup board Specifications

Board Type All-round Sup Board
Dimensions 10’6 x 32” x 6”
Volume 221L
Weight 20 LB
Capacity 240 LB
Paddle Fiberglass
Backpack No-Roller Backpack
Warranty 1 year
Guarantee60 days guarantee
Shipping ChargesFree shipping

Stability of Nautical Sup Board

The nautical 10’6″ all-around sup board provides great stability for all riders. Nautical dimensions of 10’6 x 32” x 6” with 32″ width provides ample space on the base of the sup board. This width also gives extra stability for beginners.

Nautical Sup
Nautical Sup

The flat surface shape on top, and wide area on the sup board provides a stable deck for all your yoga poses. The long tail with size 32″ width and 6″ thickness make the sup board suitable in all water conditions.

The overall shape and design of the sup board are similar to top-rated iRocker & Blackfin sup boards. This ensures the stability of the board in all water conditions. I feel it might a little bit unstable when exposed to high winds force due to its low weight capacity.

Nautical provides greater stability in comparing all with similar boards at the same cost.

Quality of Nautical Sup Board

The nautical sup board is made of double-layer synthetic thermoplastic material. This synthetic thermoplastic material contains polymerizing vinyl chloride with the required amount of plasticizer. This plasticizer addition makes it suitable in all conditions. The double-layer synthetic thermoplastic material provides high durability and protection than other similar price sup boards in the market.

The Nautical sup is provided with three fins on the lower side. These fins are easily detachable. They are durable, sturdy, and very easy to install.

Nautical board provides a 1-year warranty and 60 days guarantee. The overall quality of nautical sup is above average.

We went to California beach. We asked a few paddlers who are using nautical sup board. From them, we understood that the quality is not up to mark as we expected with the price. They said that this board will tear off within a few hard usages. Additionally, the top surface is not ideal for all yoga positions.

Portability of Nautical Sup Board

The Nautical team has provided a grip pad exactly at the center of the sup board which made carrying the board very easy. Nautical introduced a lightweight Inflatable standup board of 20lb. This board can be easily deflated and inflated. After deflating you can roll it up into the backpack for easy travel by plane, train, and automobile.

Nautical Sup Board Paddle

The lightweight, high strength, and weather-resistant Glass-reinforced plastic are used to make a Nautical paddle. This paddle height can be adjusted from 72 to 86 inches. So no issue with the paddler height. This Glass-reinforced plastic floats on water.

Nautical Sup Board Hand-Pump

A nautical hand-pump is a single chamber, dual-action hand pump that makes pumping easier and faster than your typical single action pump. 

Nautical Sup Board Backpack

Nautical Sup Bag

Nautical bags quality is the same as the iRocker backpack. There is a lot of space inside the bag to arrange all your accessories. You have enough volume inside the bag to place the deflated board. But this backpack has a lack of wheel at the bottom.

Nautical Paddle Boards & Accessories Pricing

Nautical Board 11’6″$549
Nautical Board 10’6″$499
100% Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by SPEAQUA$60
Kayak Blade$39
iROCKER 25L Roto-Molded Cooler With Free Drink Holder$159
Hand Pump Pressure Gauge$8
Inflation Valve for iROCKER and BLACKFIN$16
Inflation Valve Wrench for Yellow Top Valve$8
Inflation Valve Wrench for Red Top Valve$8
Koozies (4 Pack)$6
Lanyard Blackfin$6
Lanyards – iROCKER$6
Carry Strap$33
Cooler Deck Bag$35
BLACKFIN Roller Travel Back Pack$50
BLACKFIN Paddle$150
VIBE Waterproof Speaker$85
GoPro Compatible Mount$10
Action Mount$15
Waterproof Smart-Phone Case$10
Fishing Rod Holder$25
BLACKFIN Flip Lock Side Fin$13
Paddle C-Clip (iRocker & Blackfin)$12
Flip-Lock Lever$5
Blackfin Fin Hardware$5
PVC Adhesive$5
HP6 Hand Pump Hose$10
Cell Phone Holder$15
Blackfin Hat Side Logo$25
Cup Holder$18
2 Velcro Grab Handles$10
Hard SUP Roof Rack Pads$40
BLACKFIN Model SX Side Fins$19
Full Throttle HP6 Hand Pump – iRocker$150
Kayak Seat$69
iROCKER Flip Lock Side Fin White$13
iROCKER Flip Lock Center Fin White$19
Sand Spear and Push Pole Combo$79
iROCKER Cell Phone Case$12
iROCKER SUP Anchor$39
Kayak Seat Cushion$16
iROCKER Roller Tray for Sup Bag$39
iROCKER Backpack Cooler$59
iROCKER 30L Dry Bag$27
SUP to Kayak Conversion KIT$129
Universal 5” Flip Lock River Fin$19
Onyx M16 Inflatable Belt Pack$85
Irocker Leash$25

Nautical Review Verdict

Overall Nautical sup board provides great fun in the water for all its paddlers. You can definitely enjoy your rides. Beginners are most satisfied with this inflatable sup board. I hope this nautical SUP review article has informed you to know more about the sup board. Happy shopping.

Know us your experience with nautical in the comment section. This will help further readers to know more about the Nautical inflatable sup board.

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