Best Paddle Boards for Women

Best Paddle Boards for Women

About Paddleboarding Sporting

ISUP stands for Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, which are mostly used for outdoor fitness and sports purposes like surfing down on ocean waves, paddling in rivers, and even for catching fish in small ponds. This sport has took it popularity in most countries. The sport was documented in a 2013 report that identified it as the outdoor sporting activity with the most first-time participants in the United States that year. This sport is growing very fast than other sports.

Brand NamePrice Details
iRocker ALL AROUND 10′
THURSO SURF Waterwalker All-Around SUP
Nautical Paddle Board
ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Paddle Board
Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10′ Paddle Board

Womens like paddleboarding as much as mens like. The sup boards that ridden by men are also ridden by women. But there are some factors which will vary. And, these factors are the main reason for having a womens’s paddle board. So, let’s get into factors that vary, and reason for having women paddle boards.

Factors in Choosing the Best Women’s Paddle Board

Size of sup board

Generally women are smaller in size than men. So it wouldn’t be best suitable for smaller sized women to handle large and wide sup boards. Even we need to consider that smaller board will not give glide and stability for sup board but they can be handled very easily.

Weight of Sup board

The weight is another key factor while choosing for women. In general women are lighter than men. So, for women it is best to take lighter frame structure than heavier one. Also make sure to look at quality of board while purchasing. Many brands are trying to manufacture sup boards with lighter weight which is affecting the durability of the board.

Also choose boards which are compact and foldable. So can be carried as a portable luggage handbag. Women need boards which can easily deflate, lightweight and easy mobility.

Color & graphics of sup board

The graphics and colors of the SUP boards profoundly matter for women while buying one. Many girls want to have some special colors and designs than men do (I mean girls choose pink color & flower designs more). And men do not like the boards which are colorful.

Activity Type

This is one major factor that all should consider before purchasing paddle boards. You can do many activities like fishing, sightseeing, Fitness, Yoga, racing, and more. For yoga choose Isup board having minimum width. This gives stability. For racing checkout the hull shape and nose of Isup broad. Nose has to be sharp to cover more displacement in shorter time. This way choose perfect isup board according to activity. The activities vary from sports to traveling or from Yoga to Fishing and even all-round activities.

Where will you paddle

Choosing isup board according to water conditions also important (ocean, surf, or flatwater). Isup board with high stability is better with high waves.

Skill level

Your expertise in the particular sports matter as well, as paddleboard’s performance differs from a person’s beginner-level skill to the expert level. So depending on womens skill level choose isup board.

Best paddle boards for women

The above factors must be considered before buying the right SUP board for women. Keeping in mind all the above factor, Here we categorised best paddle boards for women.


iRocker ALL AROUND 10′

Going by its name, the iRocker ALL-AROUND 10′ is brilliant for all water conditions and also fits with all types of skill levels. It manages to reduce the drag that helps in smooth gliding in water by maintaining overall stability with its 32” width. The SUP board uses a Triple Layer Composite PVC that makes it 20% lighter than others. It is perfect for women who are less than 5’10” height. Click here to avail exclusive deals on iRocker all round paddle board

Model iRocker ALL AROUND 10′
Size 10′ x 32” x 6”
Volume 300 L
Weight 24 LB
Capacity 330 LB
Pump Electric pump
Warranty 2 years


THURSO SURF Waterwalker All-Around SUP

The THURSO SURF Waterwalker All-Around 120′ ISUP is perfect for any glider, water condition, and skill level. It has 3 removable fins, which works great for having a low drag and achieving the ultimate level of tracking. The carbon shaft paddle makes it lightweight, and can be adjustable from 68’’ to 84’’. The primary reason for which women should opt for this SUP board is its lightweight of 2lbs (900g). Click here to avail exclusive deals and coupons on Thurso surf all round paddle board

Model THURSO SURF Waterwalker 120′
Size 10′ x 30” x 6”
Volume 240 L
Weight 24 LB
Capacity 260 LB
Pump Inflate/deflate Double Action
Warranty 2 years


Nautical Paddle Board

This paddle board is one of the best for newbies and womens. Beginners should try this for sure. This paddle board cst is very low. This all performs great in all water conditions. The shape and size of this paddle board perfect for beginners and this gives extra stability too. But this is lack of more design patterns. This is extremely light weight (20 lbs) compare to other. Click here to avail exclusive deals on Nautical paddle board

Model Nautical Paddle Board
Size 10’6″ x 32” x 6”
Volume 232L
Weight 20 LBS
Capacity 240 LB
PumpElectric pump
Warranty1 year


ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Paddle Board

The ISLE pioneer inflatable paddle board could reach all your expectations. This paddle boards comes with all glittering and colorful colors. You can see so much of graphics which are quite attractive. This paddle boards is the most versatile inflatable sup boards. Quality wise this will be good. But considering warranty and volume. Customers should think about it. These boards are super stable, lightweight and durable.

Model ISLE Glider All Water Paddle Board
Size 10’6″ x 31” x 6”
Volume 225L
Weight 21 LBS
Capacity 240 LB
PumpElectric pump
Warranty 180 days


Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10′ Paddle Board

This is high performance paddle board. It not suits that well for beginners. This Bluefin Cruise Carbon comes with FRS carbon composite rail, 1000 Denier Exo Surface Laminate. Women who are looking for yoga and fitness bluefin cruise is recommended. It can be converted into kayak also. Other shocking about bluefin cruise is that warranty. Company providing 5 years warranty. No brand in the industry providing 5 years.


Model Bluefin Cruise Carbon
Size 325cm x 83.5cm x 16cm
Volume 11200 m2
Weight 130kg
PumpDual action pump
Warranty 5 years

Paddleboarding sporting has become very popular in USA and UK countries. Due to increase in demand, paddle board brands are thinking release the isup boards according to paddlers activity. The structure and comfortability of these ISUPs are evolving by going years. They are designing and manufacturing isup’s according to need and necessity for their customers.

There are several reasons for which ISUP’s more preferred over the hard boards in the modern era. They are compact and foldable, thus can be carried as a portable luggage handbag. They are suitable for paddlers of any shape or size, as it is lightweight with 8kg or less.

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This is Cheryl Jones. I love spending my free time on water. I love the serenity of stand up paddle boarding. No matter how stressful my week has been, exploring a local lake or canal on one of my SUP boards helps me recuperate.

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    SUP paddles can be made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or aluminum. Each one of these materials is very strong and lightweight, so it doesn’t matter  that much which one you get. Adjustable paddles are ideal, so you can get the right length for your height plus much easier to transport and store. Aside from that, an ankle leash is always helpful in that you won’t lose track of your board if you accidentally fall off. Finally, having a carry bag or backpack really simplifies your paddling adventures as you can quickly place all accessories or inflatable boards in it when you’re done.

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