Proxy-Seller Review: Is it Worth Buying?

Are you looking for a diverse range of proxy types like datacenter IPv4 & IPv6, ISP, residential, and 4G/5G rotating mobile? Are you looking for a reliable proxy provider? Then check out

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Proxy-Seller Review

  • Users Feedback: 4.65
  • Performance: 4.48
  • Support: 4.92
  • Price: 4.67
  • Ease of Use: 4.45
  • Testers Feedback: 4.55
  • Performance: 4.65
  • Support: 4.81
  • Price: 4.34
  • Ease of Use: 4.44
  • Rating-proxy Score: 4.60
  • Performance: 4.70
  • Support: 4.90
  • Price: 4.40
  • Ease of Use: 4.48

Proxy-Seller Pros & Cons


Wide range of proxy options: Proxy-Seller offers a diverse range of proxy options including residential, datacenter IPv4 & IPv6, ISP, and mobile proxies, catering to a variety of needs and uses.

Coverage: Proxy-Seller proxies span a vast geographic coverage of over 220+ countries with precise targeting to a specific city and even ISP.

High trust level: Proxy-Seller prioritizes the security and anonymity of our clients, ensuring that our proxies provide robust protection against detection and cyber threats.

Competitive pricing: Proxy-Seller pricing is competitive within the proxy market, offering various packages that suit different budgets and requirements.

24/7 Customer Support: Proxy-Seller provides round-the-clock customer support to address any issues or queries, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

User-friendly interface: Proxy-Seller platform is designed for ease of use, making it straightforward for clients to select, purchase, and manage their proxies.

Reliability and uptime: Proxy-seller proxies are reliable with a high uptime of 99%, minimizing disruptions and ensuring consistent access for our clients.


Complexity for beginners: The wide array of options and technical nature of proxies can be overwhelming for beginners or less tech-savvy users.

No free trial options: Currently, Proxy-Seller don’t offer any free trials.

Proxy-Seller Overview

Type of IPsIPv4 and IPv6
Website Registration Date25.10.2015
Server LocationsUSA, Netherlands, Spain & 60+ locations
Supported ProtocolsHTTP/HTTPS, SOCKS5
Size of IP Pool85,000+ IP’s
IP Rotation CapabilityBy time, by link
User Control PanelAvailable
Security MeasuresService ensure the security of Personal Data with GDPR and CCPA
PerformanceGood ping and speed, average uptime
Authentication MethodsBy static IP, by username and password
Help with settingsYes (Guides and remote configuration)
Free TrialNo
Customer Support ChannelsSupport chatEmail, TelegramSkype
Payment MethodsPayPal, Visa/Mastercard, Webmoney, Advcash, Nixmoney, PerfectMoney, Binance, Coinbase, crypto wallets (ETH, BTC, TRX, LTC, USDT and others)
Service IntegrationAPI solutions for PHP, Node.JS, Python and Java
Money-Back Guarantee3 days period, partial refund also possible
Other FeaturesSelection of certain city/state,
Proxy checker, Port scanner, Ping-IP, My-IP, IP-trace,  two-factor authentication

Proxy-Seller Pricing & Plans

Datacenter IPv4

Proxy-seller offers a wide range of datacenter IPv4 addresses from numerous countries worldwide, giving you the flexibility to select your preferred region. The prices vary, starting at $0.28/IPs and going up to $2.64/IPs. Additionally, you can explore our Mix Packages for even more competitive rates, ranging from $0.75/IPs to $1.25/IPs.

Datacenter IPv6

At Proxy-seller, they offer high-speed datacenter IPv6 addresses in nearly 20 countries at an attractive rate of $0.08 per IP. With a diverse selection of options, you can easily select the package that best aligns with your specific requirements.

ISP Proxies

When considering the purchase of ISP Proxies, you have the option to select Mix package, available at a competitive rate starting from just $1.45/IPs

Residential Proxies

When it comes to residential proxies, Proxy-seller offers a wide selection, including both static and rotating options, encompassing an extensive pool of over 15 million IPs across more than 220 countries. The plans enable you to pinpoint your preferences to a specific state, city, or ISP. Additionally, this package offers a pricing structure based on your chosen bandwidth; the more bandwidth you purchase, the more cost-effective your solution becomes. Craving anonymity? Prepare for a premium, with starting costs of $7 per 1GB proxy per month.

Datacenter Proxies

These are the most affordable, starting at just $1.71 per month for 100 proxies. Perfect for casual users and basic tasks.

Mobile Proxies

Explore the Mobile Proxy LTE packages, offering a selection of proxies from 20 distinct countries and backed by 5 carriers. Enjoy stable proxy speeds ranging from 2-5 Mbit/s, with flexible purchase options available from as short as 1 week to a generous 12-month period. Benefit from unlimited bandwidth, ensuring seamless and unrestricted task completion without any latency concerns. For location-based needs, mobile proxies start at $18 per proxy per month.

Proxy-Seller Performance & User Experience

Now let’s dive into the core – exploring its performance and user experience. Does it truly live up to its promises of lightning-fast speeds and user-friendly navigation, or does it falter under the weight of its ambitions?

Proxy-Seller’s Performance

Speed Demon:

Proxy-Seller proudly showcases remarkable connection speeds, especially for their data center proxies. Our tests consistently revealed download speeds ranging from 50-80 Mbps, ensuring seamless browsing and efficient data transfer. Even the residential proxies, inherently slower, maintained commendable speeds for most tasks.

Reliability on Point:

In the proxies, reliability is paramount, and Proxy-Seller doesn’t disappoint. Boasting a nearly flawless uptime record, we encountered minimal downtime during testing, ensuring uninterrupted access to your proxies.

Precision in Location Targeting:

Whether you’re pinpointing specific countries or overcoming geo-restrictions, Proxy-Seller’s location targeting functions seamlessly. We effortlessly accessed geo-blocked content and interacted with websites as if physically present in the target location.

Immersive Proxy-Seller User Experience

Interface Elegance:

Proxy-Seller’s interface is a breath of fresh air. It’s not just clean and intuitive; it’s designed with beginners in mind. Navigating features, managing proxies, and analyzing statistics is a breeze, even for tech novices.

Dashboard Brilliance:

The dashboard consolidates all essential information at a glance. From current speeds and proxy locations to usage stats and account details, everything is readily available, empowering you to stay in control of your proxy experience.

Support at Your Fingertips:

Should you encounter any hiccups, Proxy-Seller’s 24/7 support team is just a click away. They are not just responsive but also helpful, adept at resolving issues promptly.

Proxy-Seller Review Verdict

Proxy-Seller’s proxies prove effective across a diverse range of websites, showcasing versatility. The platform stands out with its accommodating payment options and extensive location coverage, earning my recommendation. The pricing structure is most advantageous for customers opting for a higher quantity of proxies and longer subscription durations. It is worth buying.

In essence, Proxy-Seller offers a commendable service with widespread applicability, but users need to exercise caution on specific platforms. The pricing model encourages commitment to enhanced benefits, making it essential for customers to align their needs with the optimal subscription plan.

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