Storm Proxies Review: Are They Best Proxy Sellers? Storm Proxies Coupon & Discount Code

Are you thinking of getting beneficial proxy servers? Looking for the best proxy server providers? Then check out this Storm Proxies review. Also, grab the Storm Proxies Coupon to avail of additional discounts.

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Storm Proxies Coupons

Get the latest storm proxies coupons and discount codes. Exclusive discount on half-yearly plans and additional extra 1-month free subscription offer.

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Storm Proxies Discount Code

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Storm Proxies free one month Coupon code

Just click the button and select the plan and shop. You will see free extra one-month access during the checkout.

5 Private Snapchat Proxies cost $15

Storm Proxies 5 private snapchat proxies cost $15/mon. You get $3 per proxy, 1GBs Network and Unlimited Bandwidth
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10 Private Snapchat Proxies cost $30

Storm Proxies 10 private snapchat proxies cost $30/mon. You get $3 per proxy, 1GBs Network and Unlimited Bandwidth
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50 Private Snapchat Proxies cost $100

Storm Proxies 50 private snapchat proxies cost $100/mon. You get $2 per proxy, 1GBs Network and Unlimited Bandwidth
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100 Private Snapchat Proxies cost $200

Storm Proxies 100 private snapchat proxies cost $200/mon. You get $2 per proxy, 1GBs Network and Unlimited Bandwidth
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Rotating Proxies Coupons

Storm Proxies has 2 types of Rotating Proxies i.e dedicated and residential rotating proxies. The service features an unlimited bandwidth plan, 15-minute proxies, dedicated private IPs, and more. It also has High speed and performance with 24/7 live support.

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Trending Storm Proxies Coupon Code

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How to avail Storm Proxies coupon code?

Follow the below simple steps to avail Storm Proxies coupon code.

  • Visit the official website of Storm Proxies.
  • Choose one of the Storm Proxy types and click on the Buy It Now button.
  • Create an account by filling in the required information and Enter your coupon code in the dialog box.
  • Complete the Payment Process.
  • You will get your discounts. Enjoy your savings.

What is Storm Proxies?

Storm Proxies has been a proxy seller since 2014 and is located in Panama. They provide various kinds of proxies like Rotating Proxies, Residential Proxies, and Dedicated Proxies.

Apart from that, they also offer proxies to various social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pokemon Go, etc. They are specialized in providing premium reverse backconnect rotating proxy and unlimited access to 70,000+ private rotating proxies.

Types of Proxy Servers that Storm Proxies Provide:

Storm Proxies endow their clients with the best-quality proxy servers as per their requirements. According to their demands, they are given their type of proxies. Storm Proxies deal with three types of proxy servers. They are:

  1. Rotating Proxy:
    1. Features-
      1. New IP with each HTTP request.
      2. 3 minutes proxies
      3. 15 minutes proxies
      4. Provision of rotating IP addresses for privacy protection
      5. Provision of exclusive support for 24×7
      6. Can get unlimited bandwidth
    2. Price range-
      1. $39 (max. 40 threads) with 1 access IP
      2. $59 (max. 80 threads) with 2 access IP
      3. $97 (max. 150 threads) with 3 access IP
  2. Residential Proxy:
    1. Features-
      1. Gives high-speed performances
      2. Provision of auto and instant delivery
      3. Provision of unlimited bands.
      4. Gives guaranteed money back within 24 hours
      5. Day-night support
      6. Highly anonymous
    2. Price range
      1. $50 (per port $10) with 1 access IP
      2. $90 (per port $9) with 1 access IP
      3. $160 (per port $8) with 1 access IP
      4. $300 (per port $6) with 1 access IP
  3. Dedicated Proxy:
    1. Features-
      1. Prompt execution
      2. Fast delivery system
      3. Provision of unlimited bandwidth
      4. Guaranteed money back within 2 hours
      5. Premium 24×7 support
      6. Highly anonymous
    2. Price range-
      1. $10 (per proxy $2) with multiple IPs
      2. $20 (per proxy $2) with multiple IPs
      3. $40 (per proxy $2) with multiple IPs
      4. $54 (per proxy $1.8) with multiple IPs
      5. $80 (per proxy $1.6) with multiple IPs
      6. $140 (per proxy $1.4) with multiple IPs
      7. $240 (per proxy $1.2) with multiple IPs. Get discounted prices on all proxies using Storm Proxies Coupon Codes.

Check out the comparison between Rotating Proxy, Dedicated Proxy, and Residential Proxy here.

How Effective is Storm Proxy over other Proxy Sellers?

Every proxy server has its individual features. Storm proxy also has two specialized proxies which make them unique and one of the best. Rotating Reverse Proxies and Residential IPs Proxies are the two exclusive proxies in the market, which cannot be found anywhere else other than here.

They host dedicated proxies on their own owned server network. 

storm proxies coupon

Storm Proxies Alternatives

Storm Proxies is one of the popular, premium residential proxies for your business. They provide a wide range of IP addresses. However, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why it’s worth exploring storm proxies alternatives before you commit.

In general, it’s hard to fault in Storm Proxies. The below tools offer similar features and performance, along with some of their own advantages.

What makes Storm Proxies different?

  • Rotating reverse proxies from Storm Proxies is quite unique on the market. Storm Proxies owns a development team. This technology is fully developed by the team.
  • Residential IPs proxies from Storm Proxies is also unique one on the market. Storm Proxies owns a team. This team is fully developed it.
  • Generally, proxy sellers resell proxies. But Storm Proxies dedicated proxies are hosted on a server network owned by them. They own 100% of the inventory, which gives them the opportunity to sell for much lower prices.

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Rotating Tickets Proxy from Storm Proxies

Using rotating ticket proxies there’s no need for manual IP replacements, APIs or anything technical and time-consuming.

You will get one or several “proxy gateway” IPs (ports) that you need to enter inside any software that should make a proxy connection. By accessing our “proxy gateway” servers with those IPs, your software will receive a new proxy IP after every 5 minutes.

You don’t need to change the IP in your software – all proxy rotation automatically happens on our side

Storm Proxy Review Verdict

In the proxy server world, they have marked a place where they rule with their innovative servers. Of course, the features they provide are fully satisfactory and function well in business and allotted purposes.

I hope you got a clear idea from this storm proxies review article.

Also, check out repeatedly asking faqs by our readers which are mentioned below.

Storm Proxies FAQs

Does Storm Proxies update coupons regularly?

Not very often Storm Proxies coupons are updated. But one coupon which will be valid throughout the year is “5OFFSTORM”. You can avail 5% off using this storm proxy coupon code. I have other coupons which will give a 35% discount on your plan, a 20% discount on your plan. We will update these coupon codes in the above coupon section once they are active. Just grab them whenever we update it.

How much i can save using storm proxies coupon?

You can save up to 35% using storm proxies. There are times when you can save up to 50%. Check out the coupon sections which are updated a day ago.

How to use Storm Proxies?

Initially login as a member. Enter IP address of the computer. Wait for 15 minutes. Choose “3 min” or “15 min” proxies for logging and doing longer sessions. For Scraping or building, backlinks choose main proxies. Copy Proxy Gateway IPs from member area & insert in the software.

What does storm proxies do?

Storm Proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the internet. It is an intermediary server separating end users from the websites they browse. It provides security, and privacy depending on your use case, needs, or company policy.

Does Storm Proxies have refund policy?

Storm Proxies offer 24 hours money-back guarantee for first-time payment. If you are not satisfied with Storm Proxies, then just mail the support team. They transfer all your money back. The cheapest and basic packages in each proxy group are not refundable.

What not is allowed with storm proxies?

Hacking, torrents, and all other illegal activity is not allowed using storm proxies. I gave a detailed description of this in the storm proxies review. Just check it out.

Does storm proxies provide other than USA proxies?

No, Currently they only provide proxy service in the USA.

Storm Proxies is worth purchasing?

Yes, absolutely worth purchasing the storm proxies. It sure does the business that you are looking for. The plans and cost is also not high compare to other similar proxies. Moreover, you will get a discount using the storm proxy coupon code also. So just grab the storm proxies.

Steps to redeem storm proxies promo code?

To grab the storm proxies coupon follow these steps.

  • Go to the coupon websites on the internet.
  • Click on the button “show coupon code“.
  • After clicking the button you will see a dialog box popping out. Just copy the storm proxies coupon code shown there.
  • Also, a new window will open, redirecting to the storm proxies website.
  • Paste the storm proxies coupon code while ordering the coupon.
  • That’s it you got the discounted price.

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