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About ZeroBounce

Email validation is a crucial requirement for many professional and personal email account users. If you are looking for a professional and reliable email validation service, ZeroBounce is a good platform for you. This platform is poised with a top-quality deliverability toolkit that assures accurate email validation.


There is a wide range of tools offered by ZeroBounce. Some of these tools are email gender append, abuse email list checker, disposable email checker, email validation API, SPAM trap checker, email bounce validator, toxic domain verifier, and many more.

All these tools make email validation simpler. Nevertheless, they help you to avoid potential threats with SPAM and mischievous emails.

ZeroBounce API

ZeroBounce comes with a powerful and feature-rich email validating API. Using this API, users can instantly validate the email addresses on their respective email platforms. The API features compatibility to various programming languages like JQuery, .NET, Python, Java, PHP, etc. With this API, users can obtain a 360-degree view of their email lists.

There are around thirty status and sub-status codes, which help the users in decision-making. Using these codes, you can decide whether you need to send an email to a certain address or not. The API validator can detect wrongly spelled email domains, temporary email domains, corporate emails, etc. Those who get registered with ZeroBounce can obtain 100 free credits for email validation.

ZeroBounce Services

ZeroBounce offers advanced and accurate support for email validation. Sending emails to the right people is important for personal and professional email accounts. Sending the business emails to the right persons will fetch you better business opportunities. ZeroBounce offers the following email validation services.

  • Remove Invalid Email Addresses: ZeroBounce can check your email contact list and identify the email addresses that are not valid. Removing those invalid email addresses will result in zero email bounce when you send emails to multiple receivers.
  • Abuse Email Accounts and Spam Traps: With ZeroBounce, you can find the email receivers who can potentially mark your emails as SPAM or junk mails. Sending emails to such receivers repeatedly will fetch the account suspension risk. You can avoid such risk with ZeroBounce.
  • AI Email Scoring: This email validation platform is poised with artificial intelligence to rate the value of an email address in your contact list. Business email account holders can immensely be benefitted from this feature. It helps you to identify the email recipients that like your emails.
  • Inbox Placement Tester: This feature from ZeroBounce helps email users to identify the credibility of their emails. There are a few signs that make the emails land into SPAM folders. With this feature, you can know whether your email will be placed to inbox or not.

ZeroBounce Pricing & Plans

  • ZeroBounce Freemium monthly plan costs $0
  • ZeroBounce Email Validation & Scoring monthly plan starts at $15
  • ZeroBounce Deliverability Toolkit
    • ZeroBounce Starter Package Monthly plan costs $39.
    • ZeroBounce Pro Package Monthly plan costs $249.
    • ZeroBounce Enterprise Package Monthly plan costs as per requirement.

ZeroBounce Email Validation Prices

ZeroBounce Email Validation Prices


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