HighProxies Review: HighProxies Promo Code, Pricing & Benefits

Are you looking for premium private proxies? Looking for fast, uninterrupted shared proxies? Are you looking to buy a VPN? Then checkout Highproxies review. Looking for a Highproxies promo code? Then check out the discounts section.

HighProxies Promo Code & Discounts

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What is Highproxies?

High Proxies is offer premium quality private proxies and shared proxies at a great affordable price. They ensure uninterrupted connections via the shared ones.

High Proxies hosts several solutions for its customers. For each of their Solutions, they have a plan created with 99% uptime, free setup, and 24X7 live support.

Why choose Highproxies over others?

  • They make use of XEON servers with a RAM of 16 GB
  • Speed of 1Gbps, High Proxies provide super-fast service
  • You can avail of perfect proxies for video markets and YouTube accounts. It will help you’re earnings to reach a commendable height. (10 Residential Proxies Free Trial )
  • Private proxies
  • Shared proxies
  • Social media proxies,
  • Classified AD proxies
  • Private VPN and more

Digging into the solutions individually, you will further get hold of multiple specific packs from which you can opt for the one that suits your needs the most. (Best Rotating Proxy Services For Web Scraping)

HighProxies Locations

Each of their proxies can be used in various cities, and are specifically designed to suit that particular need. That also means that you cannot use private proxy to go through social media, as they have an explicitly created proxy solution for that. High Proxies will bring to you reliable and fast proxies that are made to resolve your problems, once you start using it.

HighProxies Pricing & Plans

HighProxies are classified into five different types i.e Social Media Proxies, Private Proxies, Classified AD Proxies, Shared Proxies, and Shopping Proxies. Let’s dive deep into each proxy individually along with its price.

Social Media Proxies And Its Pricing Plans

Social Media Proxies are designed specifically to be used on social media platforms. They come in a variety of cities and subnets. These are fast, reliable, and cheap private proxies. With the help of our Social Media proxies, your problems will be solved and you will enjoy a good Instagram experience. Let’s go through its cost.

  • 1 Social Media Proxy costs $3.2/mon.
  • 5 Social Media Proxy costs $15/mon.
  • 10 Social Media Proxy costs $28/mon.
  • 25 Social Media Proxy costs $70/mon.
  • 50 Social Media Proxy costs $135/mon.
  • 100 Social Media Proxy costs $260/mon.

Private Media Proxies And Its Pricing Plans

Private Proxies will not work with the sneaker sites like nike, adidas, supreme, sneakers. These proxies will not encourage to work with social media platforms, You can order social media proxies for that. Lets look into private proxies pricing & plans.

  • 1 Private Proxy cost $2.30/mon.
  • 5 Private Proxies cost $11.50/mon.
  • 10 Private Proxies cost $22.00/mon.
  • 25 Private Proxies cost $42/mon.
  • 50 Private Proxies cost $85/mon.
  • 100 Private Proxies cost $168/mon.
  • 200 Private Proxies cost $329/mon.
  • 500 Private Proxies cost $745/mon.
  • 1000 Private Proxies cost $1400/mon.

Classified AD Proxies And Its Pricing Plans

Classified AD proxies are specifically designed to be used on Classified AD sites. They are fast, reliable and cheap. Let’s look into its cost.

  • 1 Classified AD Proxy costs $2.95/mon.
  • 5 Classified AD Proxy costs $14.5/mon.
  • 10 Classified AD Proxy costs $28/mon.
  • 25 Classified AD Proxy costs $68/mon.
  • 50 Classified AD Proxy costs $125/mon.
  • 100 Classified AD Proxy costs $245/mon.

Shared Proxies And Its Pricing Plans

  • 10 Shared Proxies cost $10.9/mon.
  • 50 Shared Proxies cost $48/mon.
  • 100 Shared Proxies cost $90/mon.
  • 250 Shared Proxies cost $213/mon.
  • 500 Shared Proxies cost $400/mon.
  • 1000 Shared Proxies cost $700/mon.
  • 2000 Shared Proxies cost $1280/mon.

Shopping Proxies And Its Pricing Plans

  • 5 Shopping Proxies cost $18/mon.
  • 10 Shopping Proxies cost $35/mon.
  • 25 Shopping Proxies cost $82/mon.
  • 50 Shopping Proxies cost $150/mon.

HighProxies Alternatives

HighProxies is one of the best proxy providers with multiple plans. It is very effective. However, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why it’s worth exploring HighProxies alternatives before you commit.

In general, it’s hard to fault in HighProxies. The below tools offer similar features and performance, along with some of their own advantages.

  • Smart Proxy
  • BrightData proxy service
  • LimeProxy
  • InstantProxy
  • Razorproxy
  • StupidProxy

HighProxies FAQs

How long is the HighProxies set up time?

High Proxies set up time might be between 2-4 hours after the order before checking your proxy control panel.

What payment types does HighProxies accept?

HighProxies accepts two types of payment methods.

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