Swarmify Review: Features, Pricing, Plans & Swarmify Lifetime Deal

Looking for the world’s fastest video hosting that ensures instant start and buffer-proof playback? Do you want unlimited bandwidth, encoding, and storage? Then check out Swarmify.com. Looking for a Swarmify lifetime deal? Then check the discounts section below.

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Swarmify Lifetime Deal & Coupons

Claim your exclusive discount now. Get a lifetime deal on your next Swarmify subscription using the Swarmify coupon code. Verified discounts on Swarmify plans. Also, avail free Swarmify plan.

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About Swarmify

Are you a business using Youtube to show video content to your customers? Then it’s costing you traffic and customers. It’s distracting your leads with links, other brands, and your competitors. Swarmify built the world’s fastest video hosting called SmartVideo with unlimited bandwidth, encoding, storage, and buffer-proof playback to solve all these problems.

In today’s short attention span world. Instant is the answer.

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Distraction-free video – less distraction, more sales.

  • We know that nothing is free. Everything has a price to pay. In this case, if you are using YouTube for free on your site. YouTube distracts your brand with links, overlays, recommended videos, and tracking the analytics of your users.

Smart Video is built in a way:

  • Keep traffic on your site.
  • None of the above distracts customers away.
  • Stay focussed on your brand and content.

Swarmify Features

Video CDN

  • Swarmify video CDN playback starts 12x faster. 
  • Scalability – CDN assists the site owners in scaling up or down as traffic grows.
  • Reliability is the key to video performance because a single failed request can lead to buffering or playback failure.

Video encoding

  • Encoding changes based on the type of video content. Smart video handles all these scenarios to make sure the video looks the best.
  • Optimized for all screen sizes like mobile, tablet, and resolutions, so the video looks great on any device.
  • Automatic encoding upgrades for new formats and devices without paying costly encoding fees.
  • Supports formats such as mp4, hls, m3u8, webm, vp8, vp9, hevc, av1.

Automatic conversions

Converting to other services can be challenging, so Swarmify 

  • Makes converting effortless by automatically importing, and optimizing all the existing video content within a few minutes.
  • Having multiple hosting providers will confuse your customers, so to simplify the multi-provider mess auto-import option will allow you to easily combine all the content into one, all-encompassing video solution.

Video streaming powered by AI

Swarmify built Edge AI that runs in the video player when watching your content. It monitors and optimizes all the details of the video playback experience in real-time from any device. 

It optimizes for many factors video buffering, bandwidth, instant loading, best quality picture, and monitors millions of signals.

Through all the playback experience, AI gathers all the data to help teach itself and improve decision-making. WITH EVERY VIDEO PLAYED, the AI gets more intelligent and wiser to give the best video experience.

Stall Free Playback

SmartVideo comes with 8x less stall and 12x faster during playback. To create a more optimal experience for your customers, SmartVideo provides advanced analytics like video load speed, visual quality, rebuffer rates, and detailed feedback on the video.

Unlimited Video

Get rid of complicated billing estimate spreadsheets. Forget about storage, encoding, transmission, bandwidth, fair usage limit, hidden billing, additional costs, or up-gradation. Swarmify provides you with simple and fixed pricing.

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Install in a few simple steps on these builders and platforms

  • Squarespace
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Beaver Builder
  • Divi

Swarmify Latest Pricing & Plans

Swarmify Annual Pricing & Plans

  • Swarmify Video Pro annual plan costs $69/mon.
  • Swarmify Small Business annual plan costs $39/mon.
  • Swarmify Starter annual plans costs $9/mon.

Swarmify Monthly Pricing & Plans

  • Swarmify Video Pro monthly plan costs $138/mon.
  • Swarmify Small Business monthly plan costs $78/mon.
  • Swarmify Starter monthly plan costs $9/mon.

Swarmify Old Pricing & Plans

  • Swarmify Small Business plan costs $29/month.
  • Swarmify Video Pro plan costs $59/month.
  • Swarmify Enterprise plan cost varies from plan to plan.

Swarmify Alternatives

In general, it’s hard to fault in Swarmify. The below tools offer similar features and performance, along with some of their own advantages.

Swarmify FAQs

How often does Swarmify release new coupons?

On average Swarmify releases 1 new coupon per month. You can check out this page for the latest coupons and deals as we update the new deals frequently.

What is Smart Video?

Streaming Netflix-quality video has never been this simple. Swarmify’s SmartVideo is the realization of Swarmify’s mission. SmartVideo platform includes a professional, modern player which plays at maximum bitrates with zero stall outs, utilizing our patented network technology.

How to avail Swarmify discount code?

Follow the below steps to avail the maximum discounts.

  • Go to the Swarmify website. “Sign In” or “LOGIN” is required.
  • Click on PRODUCT in the header section. Then select the plan you want to order.
  • Then click the Order Now button. You will be redirected to the checkout page.
  • Paste the coupon code in the coupon section.
  • After entering the discount code, you will see a discount on the total price.

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