10 Best Rotating Proxy Services For Web Scraping

Web scraping refers to the method of extracting data from several websites as most sites don’t let their data be downloaded. Web scraping is also known as crawling as this automated method of gathering data is not clearly legal. So, while web scraping a popular website, several IP addresses get blocked or blacklisted. Best Rotating Proxy Services For Web Scraping are.

So, to avoid this scraping, developers take the path of utilizing residential proxies, backconnect proxies and rotating proxies.

Best Rotating Proxy Services For Web Scraping

1. Luminati Proxy :

Luminati delivers cost-productive, quick, and dependable proxy scraping service which can be connected either by a chrome extension, proxy manager or API. They deliver the fastest data center proxies, residential proxies or mobile proxies in the world, and proven by several speed tests. So because of these reasons i feel Luminati is best-rotating proxy for web scraping. Our experience with luminati, detailed review & coupons click here

  • Around The World – 40,000,000 + IPs
  • Network Uptime – 99.99%
  • Fastest Response Time – Very Fast
  • Concurrent Connections – Unlimited
  • Proxy Tools – Open Source
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Luminiti Price

2. SmartProxy:

By offering a wide range of amenities like rotating sessions, geo-targeting, sticky sessions, and location, targeting all at a fairly affordable price, Smartproxy has more than 10 million rotating residential proxies. They are also reliable as they provide low failure rates with everyday specialized help with brief reaction time. For complete review & Coupons click here

3. NetNut:

NetNut proxy network has over 5M residential IPs and is growing on a weekly basis. (Our personal experience with netnut.io, detailed review and exclusive coupon code) NetNut gets its IPs directly from ISPs and does not depend on an end-user or P2P networks and offers particular advantages over others such as:

  • Faster proxy speed and one-hop connectivity
  • 24/7 IP availability
  • No dependency on exit nodes connectivity
  • Premium Static IPs
  • Virtually zero fail rate
  • Access to all the web including search engines
  • Much cheaper $/GB rates
  • Dedicated proxy pools
  • US city-state selection
  • IP whitelisting
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4. Scraper API:

Scraper API provides raw HTML from any site with a simple API call. Its primary handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs for the web scraping developers. Rotating IP addresses are managed by Scraper API by utilizing its pool over datacenter, residential, and mobile intermediaries

Scraper API Plans
Scraper API Plans

5. Microleaves:

With more than 26 million in its pool, Microleaves brags about having the world’s biggest pool of residential proxies. They serve their users with bandwidths with no limits alongside providing fast-rotating proxies every 5 minutes than numerous other back connect proxy providers. 


6. GeoSurf:

This might be regarded as the best intermediary administration for discovering US residential IPs that are not accessible through different services. They provide premium quality proxies for even websites that are hard to scrap. They offer uncommon pools of proxies for certain cases, for example, Instagram and Craigslist proxies, ad verification proxies and more. For complete review and exclusive coupons click here.


7. Oxylabs:

Offering a wide assortment of proxies which is over 30 million IPs patched up from many nations, Oxylabs is widely acclaimed for providing data centre and residential proxies which also has simple UI. They likewise have a couple of extra services like a random IP address proxy and a real-time proxy crawl service.

Oxylabs Price
Oxylabs Price

8. Intoli:

One of the costliest proxy services, Intoli claims an enormous pool of residential proxies. Its speciality is that it uses intelligent routing algorithms which help in reusing the proxy that has been already used by requesting and failed requests are automatically retried.


9. Proxy Rain

Proxy rain is smart enough to avoid IP bans by routing the request through IPs in a particular way. They also lay down their pricing schemes similar to Scraper API. However, the qualities of the proxies are exceptionally good, and they also lease proxies from other networks.


10. Storm Proxies

One of the best choices for rotating reverse proxies is Storm Proxies as they provide unlimited bandwidth and high-speed connection. They provide various facilities, such as constant technical support, instant access, and real IP addresses. (complete review and exclusive coupons)


11. Blazing Proxies 

With a low cost of $2 per backconnect proxy per month, Blazing Proxies provides unlimited bandwidth with 1 GB/s and with rotations once every 10 minutes.



So, these are the Best Rotating Proxy Services For Web Scraping a person should checkout for while purchase. In this list, we tried to enlist the best balance between speed, price, and reliability that can overall provide a quality service. We recommend Luminati proxy because those proxies are fast & effective.

More info about proxies click here

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